My Cup Runneth Over

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My Cup Runneth Over

12 Types of Intimacy and How to Fill Your Cup Until It Overflows!

*Bonus: 7 Fun Ideas That Will Help

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Marriage intimacy is essential. Studies show that couples who have sex often generally stay together for longer. Meanwhile, intimacy in marriage is about more than making love. So, how do you handle it when your love cup overflows? 

Many spouses assume that their better half already knows how they feel. Some think their affections are apparent or supported by casual flirting throughout the day. However, most people experience a disconnect in the bedroom when intimacy is ignored. 

Like any delicious recipe, yours must contain ingredients that suit your palette. One couple's perfect gestures and activities might not be tasty enough for another. Better sex begins with enhanced intimacy and a willingness to customize. Here's how to fill your cup until it runneth over. 

What's In Your Cup of Intimacy? 

Let’s discuss what it means to be intimate with your spouse. Don’t forget that closeness means more than having terrific sex without feeling awkward. According to psychologists, twelve different types of intimacy can exist in any relationship. Understanding the variants is the first step toward baking them into your marriage. 

Below is a brief explanation of each intimacy type and a relatable example for comparison: 

Sexual intimacy involves making love while feeling powerful emotions. You’re sexually intimate with your spouse every time you hug, kiss, or enjoy playtime between the sheets.

Emotional intimacy consists of sharing personal thoughts and feelings with the expectation of understanding. Deep conversations with your spouse are an excellent example.

Do you enjoy spending time with your spouse at a specific location? Perhaps you both love listening to live bands or watching storms together. That’s what aesthetic intimacy looks like.

You experience intellectual intimacy when you bond by enriching each other mentally. Any collaboration on scholarly pursuits builds closeness in this regard.

Creative intimacy denotes sharing various expressions of affection through creation. Whether raising a family or painting a mural, you grow closer with each new project.

Become absorbed with completing tasks or achieving goals with your partner. That’s how you build occupational intimacy without working longer hours at the office.

Have fun, play with your spouse, and enjoy better recreational intimacy. If you help your partner recuperate or relieve stress, you’re establishing a bond that’s challenging to break.

The ups and downs of your marriage can create an undercurrent of crisis intimacy. That means you pull together after tragedies to develop new ways of coping with problems and pain.

Commitment intimacy defines a relationship founded on trust, safety, and reassurance. Every plan you make for the future nourishes this lifelong connection.

This type of intimacy in marriage involves discovering differences and settling disagreements. Couples who can work out their problems instead of fighting are conflict-intimate.

To experience spiritual intimacy, spouses must have open hearts and lead each other to the Lord. When you pray, do Bible studies, or attend church services together, you reveal God’s plan for marriage.

Communication intimacy means honestly talking about the things on your mind without judgment or contempt. You grow closer every time you use words, gestures, or writing to speak to your spouse.

Mix those ingredients together in your cup of intimacy, then take a sip you’ll never forget. Closeness with your spouse doesn’t happen by itself. You must work hard to establish a bond with your beloved on every level. 

Remember, joy comes from giving instead of receiving. Each partner sips what they need in God’s symbiotic recipe. So, while a hug or kiss might tell your betrothed that you care, the other forms of intimacy help sweeten the taste of your marriage.

TIP: Take inventory of what’s inside your cup of love to ensure you never spill out a bitter brew.

Tasting something unsettling in your sips? Many couples don’t realize their marriage lacks intimacy until they look closely. Seek God’s Word for counsel if you’re concerned about the bond with your spouse. 

7 Ingredients to Make Your Love Cup Overflow  

Balancing the flavors of life and love can be challenging. Too much of one ingredient can overwhelm the senses. But too little of something can leave much to be desired. So, how do you create the perfect recipe for intimacy when your cup runneth over? Here are the seven spices for better sex (the rest is up to you):  

christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

#1: Yummy Vibrators 
Vibrating sex toys help pinpoint specific nerve endings to deliver intense sensations and enhanced pleasure. They can mimic natural movements or perform outstanding feats to fulfill fantasies. You don’t need any special skills or tools, and many devices are perfect for beginners. Check out bullet vibrators and vibrating eggs for discreet deliciousness.

TIP: Choose the best water-based lubricant you can find when playing with marital aids.

#2: Luscious Lingerie 
Play dress-up to intrigue your spouse or celebrate a special occasion. Buy it for your spouse as a spicy surprise, then present it as a gift. Choose versatile lingerie in flattering colors to help your honey look hot. You could even coordinate your favorite toys with sexy bodysuits and adjustable jockstraps. Create costumes for role-playing and act out fantasies while having fun. 

TIP: Pick popular colors such as black, white, red, or blue. 

#3: Delicious Date Night Goodies 
Prepare for the long haul with plenty of date night items. If intimacy is about more than having sex, always bring the games, activities, and prizes for playtime. Take turns answering racy questions or trying a few Truth or Dare rounds. All is fair in love and affection, but don’t forget to set the scene with scented candles and mood music.

TIP: Clean up your surroundings before the date to provide a safe and inspiring atmosphere.

#4: Delectable Edibles  
Who says you have to serve dessert a specific way? Edible underwear and flavored lubes say otherwise. Intimacy in your marriage can look (and taste) however you prefer. And oral sex is a terrific way to submit to your spouse’s desires. So, what flavor do you savor the most? You can find a wide variety of formulas to create a tailored concoction.

TIP: Check the ingredients to ensure no risk of allergic reaction.

#5: Lip-Smacking Liberator Furniture 
Do you have a special move or difficult position you’ve wanted to try? Perhaps for you, marriage intimacy means taking controlled risks and attempting new things. Liberator Sex Furniture and Position Aids can help you do that. Find the perfect pose and hit the sweet spot without anyone getting hurt. Then store the pillows and wedges under your bed for another time.

TIP: Wash the materials after each encounter to prevent a mess.

#6: Tasty Pasties 
Breast pasties serve a dual role in the bedroom. For one, they’re whimsical and playful, so both partners have a great time. For two, they help leave something to the imagination once you strip off your lingerie. Accentuate your figure, or add some shiny body jewelry to complete the look. You can even buy body chains for him to coordinate. 

TIP: This is the perfect opportunity to slide in some naughty nipple play toys.  

#7: Scrumptious Massagers
Keep your cookbook well-rounded with abstract options like graduated p-spot play. You can use vibrating massagers to milk the prostate and produce intense orgasms without penis stimulation. This technique is perfect for men with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation problems, or a desire to expand horizons beyond the traditional male orgasm.

TIP: Select the appropriate lubricants for p-spot massage to avoid skin irritation.

These ingredients won’t help with the other 11 types of intimacy in marriage. However, use them to enhance your sex life and form a deep physical connection with your spouse. Here’s a recap to demonstrate how easy it is: 

  • Pick some straightforward sex toys. 
  • Bring your best lingerie. 
  • Get ready like it’s date night. 
  • Offer some mouthwatering munchies. 
  • Fluff the pillows and wipe the wedges. 
  • Post some pasties or glitter and gold. 
  • Make sure you have some massagers. 

Use a penis pump to prep before showtime. Or try a clit pump to stimulate delicate nerve endings and make orgasms more extreme. Either way, always approach the interaction in your prime. 

How to Mix the Perfect Recipe for Your Spouse

You are the chef in the kitchen in your partner’s heart. And the pantry is packed full of tempting treats. What kind of menu will you present? Offer appetizers, serve multiple main courses, and give a dessert as savory as your marriage. Then take a sip from the cup of love as you digest how sweet it is to be intimate on every level. 

Use your tools and techniques wisely, and remember that first impressions last a lifetime. Take it slow and be meticulous about the details. Afterward, follow this simple five-step recipe for a perfect taste of marital intimacy

Step One: Start the Conversation 
Preheat your evening with some flirty chatting, then move into more intimate topics. You can review the week and discuss your hopes for the future. Or direct the conversation to more suggestive subjects, like how you intend to pour some sugar on your spouse.

TIP: Create or buy conversation starters to keep the energy flowing.

Step Two: Make Your Wish List 
Stir in your fantasies and mix them with your partner’s desires. Write down a few favorite sensations, sex toys, accessories, and positions, then share them with your spouse. Trade wish lists to compare. You can cross out any overlapping ideas or suggestions that break specific boundaries.

TIP: Share your fantasies with honesty and openness for one another.

Step Three: Take a Hunting Trip 
Cook up some appetizing activities and decide on date night ideas. Go shopping together or look online to find unique pleasure products for married couples. Then use the wish list to purchase items that satisfy your cravings and promote intimacy in marriage.

TIP: Set a flexible budget to account for supplies, storage, and upgrades.

Step Four: Stop, Collaborate, and Listen  
Let your cup cool for a couple of days, then discuss the pros and cons of any new pursuits. Practice active listening to determine your spouse’s authentic perspectives and opinions. Validate one another so you can customize experiences and reach higher levels of bliss together.

TIP: Track your progress with experimental activities to get an honest view.

Step Five: Consistency Is Key 
Serve up the good stuff often to please your spouse. Strengthen the love between you with regular trips to the bedroom. Garnish with meaningful exchanges, commitment to your vows, and tons of flirting. Then store leftover ideas in a safe place for later.

TIP: Try to enjoy foreplay or sex at least twice per week.

When your cup overflows, make sure it spills love and compassion for your companion. No two marriages are the same. Your relationship is unique for several reasons, including how your mind, body, and spirit intertwine. Don’t approach your betrothed with an empty plate. Fill it up with an intention for intimacy. 

Conclusion: Let the Intimacy Overflow  

Marriage is a sacred institution involving two happy, healthy, and holy people. Part of honoring God’s design for matrimony is satisfying one another’s sexual desires. And fulfilling physical cravings requires more than slick moves or fancy sex toys. You must establish intimacy in marriage for the passion to last. 

The perfect couple doesn’t exist, but partners can work together to slow-brew a delicious cup of love. Pour the best ingredients into your mug first. Then spill a unique recipe for your spouse’s enjoyment. 


christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

Romantic Blessings believes all married couples should enjoy intimacy the way they see fit. But learning new facts and techniques can be a challenge because sex is still taboo. So, check out our library of Christian-based resources to help you improve your love life and glorify God through a happy marriage. 

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