Liberator® brand sex furniture sets the standard for personal positioning accessories. They call their products “bedroom adventure gear,” and the description couldn’t be more accurate. Their cushiony pillows and foldable wedges make adventurous lovemaking safe and easy. And the album offers a wide range of distinct designs with outstanding quality. 

Often hailed as “the greatest invention since the bed,” this stuff helps spouses elevate their orgasms from multiple angles. Product designs focus on comfort, durability, and stability despite the user’s size, shape, age, or physical condition. That’s because the company believes everybody should get a chance to fulfill their sexual fantasies. 

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Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount

Black Label Esse Chaise

Black Label Wedge

Black Label Ramp

Black Label Esse

Black Label Wedge/Ramp

Esse Chair

Fleshlight On A Mission

Fleshlight Top Dog

Liberator Hipster

Liberator Arche Wedge

BonBon Toy Mount

Equus Wave

Esse Chaise Lounge

Flip Ramp

Liberator Heart Wedge

Humphrey Toy Pillow

Liberator Ramp

Tula Magic Wand Mount

Wedge/Ramp Combo

Wing Toy Mount

Pulse Pillow & Toy Mount

Talea Spreader Bar

Wanda Magic Wand Mount

Liberator Wedge

Position Charts By Product

Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount Couples Sex Position Aid

Black Label Esse Chaise Couples Sex Position Lounger with Built In Restraint Attachments

Black Label Wedge Couples Sex Position Aid with Cuffs & Restraint Attachments

Black Label Ramp Couples Sex Position Aid with Cuffs & Restraint Attachments

Black Label Esse Tantric Sex Position Chair with Headrest, Cuffs & Restraint Attachments

Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo Couples Sex Position Aid Regular with Cuffs & Restraint Attachments

Esse Tantric Couples Sex Position Aid Furniture Chair with Included Headrest

Fleshlight On a Mission Couples Hands Free Play Sex & Position Aid

Fleshlight Top Dog Couples Hands Free Play Sex & Position Aid

Hipster Contoured Sloping Couples Sexual Positioning Aid

Liberator Arche Wedge Couples Sex Positioning Aid

Liberator Bonbon Sex Toy Mount Couples Sex Position Aid for Hands Free Exploration

Liberator Equus Wave Convertible Lounge and Bedside Bench Couples Sensual Sex Position Aid

Liberator Flip Ramp Couples Multi-Use Sexual Positioning Furniture

Liberator Heart Wedge Pillow Inclined Couples Sex Position Aid for G Spot Positioning

Liberator Humphrey Sex Toy Pillow Couples Sex Position Aid Hands Free Play

Liberator Ramp Couples Sexual Positioning Aid For Better Access & Stability

Liberator Tula Magic Wand Mount Couples Multi Function Sex Pillow for Hands Free Play

Liberator Wedge/Ramp 12 Inch Combo Sex Positioning Aid Furniture

Liberator Wing Toy Mount Straddling Sex Positioning Aid Pillow Furniture

Pulse Sex Positioning Pillow & Toy Mount with Natural Rocking Sensation & Hands Free Play

Talea Padded Spreader Restraint Bolster Bar Sex Position Aid With Cuffs

Wanda Magic Wand Toy Low Profile Mount Sex Position Aid for Hands Free Play

Wedge Intimate 27 Degree Angled Moisture Resistant Sex Positioning Pillow

Liberator Esse Chaise Faux Leather Couples Sensual Sex Position Aid Lounge









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