5 Ways to Know If It's Time to Restock Your Romantic Supplies? 

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5 Signs To Know That It's Time For An Intimacy Upgrade

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It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married. When it’s time to step up your game in the bedroom, neither one of you can deny it. There’s a current pulsing between you two as it is, but it feels like your bodies are wanting more. So, how do you know if the key is a new sex toy or not? Better yet how do you pick out the best ones this time around? 

How to Tell if You Need New Sex Toys 

It’s easy to fall victim to monotony - work, school, bills, repeat. Still, your instinct keeps telling you that there’s more to life than the basics, and your spouse agrees. Whether you already own a few sexy playthings or not, there’s always room for improvement. And here’s how to tell if it’s time: 

  1. You haven’t enjoyed sex with your spouse in a while - It’s perfectly natural to fall into a rhythm with your spouse, but that rhythm can have some major consequences on your sex life. Over time, unexciting and/or predictable intimacy may even leave desires unmet and undefined. Meanwhile, the right sex toys can help you establish, re-establish, or nourish your connection in a way that can breathe new life into your love. 

    TIP: Think about the last time you had great sex with your spouse and then consider which products can help you recreate or enhance that. 

  2. You’re ready to try something new - The connection you share with your spouse can be amazing and you might still want to branch out a bit in the bedroom. In fact, the more you focus on your partner, the more likely you are to crave intense intimacy and pleasure. So, when that old familiar feeling starts calling, be sure to answer it with the best sex toys you can find. 

    TIP: Consider some of your shared sexual fantasies and then look for the products that can help you fulfill them.  
  3. Your existing stock isn’t exciting anymore - Already own a bunch of marital aids but just not feeling the vibe anymore? Even the best pleasure products can get boring after a while. It’s also natural to want more out of your sex life in marriage. So, whether you need to upgrade your supplies or beef up your stash, you should never let a good libido go to waste. 

    TIP: Sort your stack into separate groups to determine the favorites and the foes. 

  4. You and your spouse have decided to upgrade - Marriage is all about mutual agreements, which means you can’t ignore your spouse’s request for better sex. A Christian spouse will seek to provide pleasure and prevent sexual withdrawal, and you shouldn’t cut corners or settle on second best. And just because you may have started at the bottom of the barrel doesn’t mean you have to stay there. 

    TIP: Write down the features you’d like to experiment with the most and then look for that first. 

  5. There’s a special occasion coming up - Few things say, “I love you” to your spouse like an invitation for hot sex on a special occasion. Sure, you’ll buy gifts and spend quality time together, but what if you could combine the two into an unforgettable date that culminates in a crescendo? You can if you upgrade your sex toy collection in time. 

    TIP: Plan ahead and buy products that come in attractive presentation boxes for maximum appeal. 

Take your time choosing the right pleasure products so you can rush to the mattress when you’re done checking out. And don’t forget to stock up on the lubes, toy cleaning solutions, and wearable accessories

How to Choose The Right Toys During This "Back to School Romance" Month

Picking out the perfect new toy can be tough because A) there are far too many options, and B) not all couples can agree on what they should buy. So, follow these three simple steps to figure it out the easy way:  

  1. Step 1 - Talk to your spouse about their wants and needs - You’ll never know what to buy if you don’t ask your spouse what they think. And if you buy something without talking to them first, you run the risk of getting a toy that nobody likes. So, have an open and honest conversation with your beloved to determine which direction to go. 

    Let your lover know that you’re willing to try new things and communicate your boredom with grace and compassion. 

  2. Step 2 - Choose your top five toys and compare the details - Because there are so many options available, comparing more than 3-5 toys is a bad idea. You could get the details confused, plus you won’t have enough time to consider everything completely. Therefore, it’s best to narrow down your search before bringing up the possibilities to your spouse. 

    If possible, coordinate your collection to use some of your favorite toys in tandem using advanced technologies.  
  3. Step 3 - Get the right supplies and accessories - This time don’t skimp on the extras. Lotions, lubricants, positioning aids, spare batteries, aftercare products - they’re all just as important to the occasion as your hot bodies in motion. So, stock up when you select your favorite toys and make sure everything is compatible to prevent messes and mishaps. Stick with water-based lubes when playing with sex toys and/or pleasuring a spouse with sensitive skin.

    BONUS: Consider the special things about your relationship to find a new couple’s toy that brings out your unique bond. 

It’s Time to Restock The Romance 

While the rest of the world is going shopping for school supplies, you’re too busy restocking your own inventory. So, when the romance in your marriage plateaus or needs a quick pick-me-up, you know exactly how to handle it now. 

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