10 Tips to Help You Please Your Spouse in the Bedroom

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10 Tips to Help You Please Your Spouse in the Bedroom

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Believe it or not, giving pleasure to your spouse isn’t always easy. In fact, marriage is supposed to give you time to learn new things about your favorite person. Meanwhile, you have to understand that their pleasures are as unique as they are.

However, there are some basic behaviors that demonstrate affection and respect no matter who you are. Things like kissing, holding hands, hugging, and making love are common ways to please your spouse, but those methods can get boring after a while and they don’t satisfy every need.

Pleasing your honey means listening to their desires and doing your best to oblige. It means allowing the relationship to flourish by being open-minded and sincere. But most of all, it means having a few tricks up your sleeve in the bedroom.

A Few Tips to Help You Please Your Wife

Did you know that it takes the average woman about 20 minutes to reach climax? That means you have to work pretty hard to give her pleasure under certain circumstances. But you can make it easier on yourself (and her) by trying some of these simple tips:

  1. Switch it up for some oral entertainment.

    Your wife enjoys different sensations, and you get to enjoy watching her wiggle. Plus, oral sex is often more intense for women because some ladies can’t reach orgasm without external stimulation.

  2. Start using high-quality sex toys for women on her.

    Pleasure products can help you do things that you could never do on your own. They’re customizable, exciting, and have more stamina than both of you combined. So, shop for the right one and then introduce it gingerly.

  3. Let her be the one in control.

    Girls just want to have fun, and sometimes that means bossing you around in bed. So, allow your wife to dictate things like the location, speed, and duration of certain acts. Then, give her a performance she’ll never forget.

  4. Get her good and relaxed before you go.

    Although women and men both enjoy a good massage, women approach sex in a different way. So, get her relaxed with your best oils and lotions and then finish her off with a “private” session.

  5. Try using sex furniture to achieve new positions.

    A woman’s g-spot can be hard to find but attempting difficult positions can be dangerous. So, bring in the sex furniture to show off your skills without getting hurt. There are even some models that will hold your sex toys for you.

BONUS TIPS: Try to communicate your desires with your wife and be sure to listen to hers as well. Meanwhile, set up a special date night and then whip out the couples’ kits to keep your imaginations running wild.

Remember husbands, pleasing your wife in bedroom means thinking outside the box. However, it might also require you to move past your comfort zone to try new things. Be brave.

A Few Tips to Help You Please Your Husband

Men can reach orgasm within minutes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy foreplay and experimentation just as much as women. In fact, most guys say that their favorite bedroom activity is “fooling around.” So, please your husband by paying more attention to the things that turn him on. Here are some easy ways to get started:

  1. Use your mouth to show some love.

    Saying, “I love you” isn’t the only way to show affection with your lips. Contrary to popular belief, your tongue is good for more than just French kissing. So, let your husband know how to feel by smooching him in all the right spots.

  2. Experiment with some male sex toys.

    Did you know that men have a g-spot too? Did you also know that stimulating it is actually good for their health? Husbands are externally motivated too, so bring on the prostate play whenever you want to be an overachiever.

  3. Play dress up for him in something sexy.

    There’s nothing wrong with donning a few pieces of sexy lingerie to entice your man’s sexual appetites. There’s nothing wrong with wearing your birthday suit either, it’s just that some husbands like seeing their wives put in the extra effort.

  4. Let him explore the nooks and crannies of your body.

    Men are visual creatures, and your man finds you incredibly attractive. That’s why he loves to rub on your body and touch everything along the way. And since you trust him, an experience like that will be pleasurable for the both of you.

  5. Put on a little one-woman performance.

    Lights, camera, action. Slip into something more enticing and then give your man a show on a chair, a pole, a swing, or even on your bed. You might dance, you might show off, but you’ll definitely make love like never before.

BONUS TIPS: Be honest with your spouse by discuss hard and soft boundaries upfront. Meanwhile, interject some dirty talk into the conversation to keep it casual and alluring. And don’t forget to act enthusiastic because confidence is sexy.

Remember wives, pleasing your husband in the bedroom means being gentle, kind, and generous. However, there’s plenty of “outside the box” thinking required of you too.

The Takeaway

When it comes to healthy sex in a Christian marriage, there are very few rules and lots of room to play. However, there’s no magic pill to help you sexually pleasure your spouse. It’s all about establishing and maintaining an intimate connection with one another through open-mindedness and communication. You’re already in love, so why not express your affection in creatively customized ways when no one is watching?

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