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We are a Christian husband and wife team from North Carolina. We have been married for 22+ years and have twin daughters that have just hit their teen years. He has been a member of the Worship Leadership Praise Team for our church for many years. She is a very involved and busy volunteer in the children and youth ministries of our church. We both have "real" jobs outside of our Romantic Blessings mission. We have the same stresses (now even more with COVID-19 furloughs, etc.), finding time for each other, work/life balance issues, and the fun of raising new teenagers as many of you do.

Like many of you, we have had our ups and downs throughout our marriage. Through one of our valleys several years ago, we began listening to a lot of Christian marriage podcasts together, reading scripture together, and refocusing our marriage on God

We continued to learn how important God's design of sex and intimacy is to a Christian marriage. We found that there are a lot, I mean a lot, of very well respected marriage podcasts available talking about this subject, teaching us all to focus on sex and intimacy in our marriage. But we found that there were very few resources helping us put into practice what all of these podcasts were teaching.

We begin to feel a mission placed on our hearts led by the Holy Spirit to help in this mission for the Christian Marriage. And although way outside of our comfort zone and beyond anything we thought we would ever become involved in, a leap of faith was taken and Romantic Blessings was born.

Mission Statement

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Why Romantic Blessings

Our Core Beliefs

Great for Christian couples
I really liked that I felt safe browsing this site for extra zest in the bedroom yet they still had what I was hoping for. Shipping was fast and discreet. Everything was high quality and as advertised. A great experience.

Amazing customer service
I had part of my order shipped elsewhere and they followed up daily to check on me and then updated me as soon possible if they got any updates on their part. Will definitely be buying from here again. Love to have a place to shop with no nudity.

Best website for married couples
My wife and i are millennials, and we wished years ago that we had access to a company that respects our ideals and where we stand with our faith. Well we have found what we were looking for and we will continually be getting our couples toys here in the future.

Our Prayers for Romantic Blessings are:

  • By taking the leap of faith to establish Romantic Blessings we pray we will fulfill the mission the Holy Spirit has placed upon our hearts to remind couples that you can have a fulfilled sexual life with your spouse and still be in line with God’s ideal for marriage .
  • We pray that the products, resources, and business partnerships we offer through Romantic Blessings will honor God by helping couples grow closer to each other in their marriages. Thus, bringing them, as one flesh, closer to God and closer to His design for the Christian marriage.
  • We pray that at least one marriage that is not being reached in any other way will be truly and intimately blessed through the products and resources offered through Romantic Blessings.
  • We pray that couples will be blessed through our resources by knowing that God truly loves them and cares for their needs.
  • In our prayers we get strength to not let the focus of Romantic Blessings be corrupted by money or led by greed. We continually pray and receive strength to always stay focused on honoring God in all that we do and all that we offer.
  • We pray daily for God's direction for Romantic Blessings. We pray daily that every product, service, and business partnership we associate with Romantic Blessings is led by God.

The above statements are what we pray for daily. What we would like to ask of you is that you add Romantic Blessings to your personal prayer list. We ask you to pray that God will give us discernment in all that we do, that we will continue to listen to God’s still voice, and that we will recognize God's guidance in all that we do.

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