3 ways to intensify intimacy

May 08, 2022

Christian marriage intimacy illuminates God’s design for married couples. Sex toys can help spouses manage temptation and fulfill needs while honoring Biblical standards. Here is what you should know about it all.

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Romantic Blessings Guest on Get Your Marriage On!

May 01, 2022

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My Cup Runneth Over

April 14, 2022

12 Types of Intimacy and How to Fill Your Cup Until It Overflows! *Bonus: 7 fun ideas that will help.

Marriage intimacy means more than making love. It involves a profound connection on every level between two affectionate spouses. How do you spill sentiments to your partner when your cup runneth over? Here is what you need to know.

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Intimacy in Marriage: The Top 10 Ways to Prove You’re All-In

March 17, 2022

Marriage intimacy forms the foundation of your relationship. Memorable moments with your spouse define who you are as a couple. And learning new ways to love one another is how happy unions outlast the test of time. So, are you all-in on intimacy, or does your betrothed deserve more sugar?

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Liberator Sex Furniture Top 10 Countdown 

February 11, 2022

Liberator sex furniture creates luxurious and durable positioning aids for intimate couples. Find the design that suits two bodies in motion and enjoy safe, satisfying sex regardless of your posture.

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10 Sexy New Year's Resolutions

January 15, 2022

New Year's resolutions always get broken because they force us to do things we hate. But make this year’s goal about intimacy with your spouse to enjoy changes you’ll actually love.

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12 Ways to Give to Your Spouse

December 09, 2021

Give your spouse thoughtful Christmas gifts to improve the marriage and put the spark back in your holiday celebration. Romantic Blessings can show you how.

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5 Ways To Plan A Date Night Like A Pro

November 22, 2021

Wish your partner Romantic Blessings. Plan a date night with your spouse and make it an extra special occasion using sexy foreplay products and intimacy enhancers. The pleasure is all yours.

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Why it's important to share your fantasies with your spouse

October 26, 2021

In a Christian marriage, it’s your job to satisfy your spouse and deliver pleasure on demand. So, don’t be afraid to talk about what you really want.

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Tips, Tricks & Benefits of Foreplay 

September 10, 2021

These five marital foreplay benefits might help you stay together longer and climax stronger.

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3 Simple Tips to Show Your Appreciation

September 03, 2021

This Labor Day, spend some time showing appreciation for all the things your spouse does around the house. Small gestures can strengthen your relationship.

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5 Signs To Know That It's Time For An Intimacy Upgrade

August 09, 2021

How do you know when it’s time for an intimacy upgrade? If you don’t enjoy sex with your spouse like before, that’s the first sign.

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