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Love this store!

I love that we can browse this site without worry! We purchased a couple of items for our upcoming anniversary and they arrived in plain boxes and it didn't even have the senders name which was great because we had family staying with us at the time. I love that you get rewards as well! Would definitely recommend. The pillow is great for different angles and definitely a fun addition! The only thing I would say is that it is huge and difficult to store when not in use, other than that, we love it!

Wood Men's Jock Burgundy Red
K.C. (Sparks, US)

I really like the way there is no nudity in selling intimate products!! Thank you!!

Wood Men's Jock Malibu
K.C. (Sparks, US)

I like the company.

Fantasy For Her Designer Love Butt Plug Set
J C. (Farmington Hills, US)
Nice set

Pretty nice of you're either just beginning exploring this kind of play or you just want a little somethin'-somethin' to give a little extra wow to your climax.

Uh, heck yes!

Talk about good vibrations! We both enjoy it and the variety of settings. And if you're looking for something that's discreet that children won't really think much about, this is a great option. It looks like a remote to something.


... If you're into this kinda thing or curious about it, it's a pretty good starter set.

Waterproof blanket

This blanket is high quality, soft to the touch and contains everything that comes into contact with it and prevents it from soaking through. Excellent! Looking forward to using it on getaways.

Worked great

Wife loved it and wants to use it all the time!

Geometry has never been so fun!

Never had so much fun with a wedge or appreciated an angle so much! The foam is firm enough to keep its shape but still very comfortable. Hubs was even able to rest his hands on it beside me without it collapsing.

It has definitely opened up a few positions for us that we really couldn't do before and I am thrilled.

Amazing dice game for the bedroom

This game has been amazing, you can always find new places and ideas to pleasuring and teasing your partner. There may have been a few times that we enjoyed it so much we didn't even get to the 4th di!!! Completely recommend this game for all couples.

Powerful motor! But not too powerful

We had the corded Original Magic Wand for many years, but it rarely ever got used. Even though the original gave my wife faster orgasms, more explosive orgasms, and more orgasms in a row than any other vibrator, she didn’t really like the quality and feeling of them. It was too much power. Just over the top

The Mini Rechargeable is a big improvement. Though it’s more powerful than any of the other rechargeable vibrators we’ve had, it’s not overpowering. She really likes it and I think it’s going to be her go-to toy for a very long time.

Good vibrations

My first experience with a ring. Feels solid and high quality and that it should last a while. The band is stretchy but also fairly wide so it is pretty comfortable. I like the control available via the app as the buttons on the device are tricky to get a hold of and even more so when slippery. She likes the vibrations and the result of the constricting ring. After about 20bmins or so though it became uncomfortable for me and I didn't like the sensation. Have only worn once and will try again soon. So far I feel it was worth the fair price.

Three strikes, it's dead :(

After only using this toy a few times, it's dead... changed batteries and took proper care of it. Very disappointing to go to use a toy, expecting it to work, and it just kills the mood.

Hi Kaitlin: (I sent you this in email as well but I want to ensure you receive this message.)

I saw the review you left on the Zizo Pico Bong product. I am sorry to hear that you have issues with this product.
Since it has been over a year since purchase, all warranties would be covered by the manufacturer warranty. I will be glad to reach out to them for you and work on obtaining you a refund or a replacement product.
Thank you for shopping with Romantic Blessings. I sincerely appreciate you and thank you for taking the time to leave a review so other customers can learn about products as they make their purchase decisions. But in the future, please reach out to us if you have any issues with your purchase and we will always be willing to see how we can help and provide assistance.
Let me know if you would like us to reach out to the manufacturer on your behalf or I can provide you with their contact information if you would like to reach out to them directly.

Powerful and effective

Was told the deep rumble vibration gave quick results— very true! The cordless design makes for easy use and convenient access to hard to reach places.

Very good vibration. We thoroughly enjoyed using this teaser

Good general frictional stimulation. Battery did not last long

Did not enjoy this. Weak stimulation


Fit well and is comfortable and fun


After taste is unpleasant and the experience is a little “sticky.”


This is a really fun way to help slow down foreplay and make sure more than one or two places get attention. Also sparks a bit of creativity.

Surprisingly fun

Wasn't exactly sure what to expect when we purchased this, but it proved to be fun and useful all around for both the one "wearing" and the one "using".

It's nice 😉

Attempting to keep this tasteful but also helpful... It does hold temperature well, if that's your thing. The spirals are nice, but as it is hand blown, mileage may vary on how pronounced they are and therefore feel. Being glass, it's obviously inflexible and that does need to be taken into consideration. The curve on it is just right. And the smooth, round tip was also most pleasant.

Didn't use the other side, probably won't for it's intended usage; however, it does make a rather convenient handle, which is why I chose this one over the other similar one without the butt plug.

This did not work as advertised

Hi there - first, thank you for shopping with Romantic Blessings and for leaving a product review to help other customers in their decision making. Second, I am sorry to hear you were disappointed with your item. I wish you had reached out to us first and let us know but either way I appreciate the feedback. As per our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, I have issued you a store credit refund for your purchase. Hopefully you can use this to find a product that you will be happier with. Thanks again for shopping with us. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Blessings.