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If you are like many podcasters and bloggers, you provide your audience with incredible content, insights, and eye-opening personal discovery. Supplementing your program with the tools to apply the information your audience has been given will excite your listeners and will set your program apart from all others.

Partnering with Romantic Blessings will allow you to provide a Christian safe environment for your audience members to shop for adult products, shop for intimacy products, shop for lingerie and gain access to our large library of educational resources developed just for Christian married couples.

Our Goals

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Romantic Blessings' mission is to help Christian wives and husbands continue to grow their intimacy and relationship with each other and as a couple together with God. “Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you.“ 1 Corinthians 7:5.

Romantic Blessings seeks to encourage the fun with and Godly instruction to “come together again” by providing marital and romantic aids along with a sex positive resource community in a Christian safe No Nudity environment to encourage the continual exploration of the Christian marriage through sex and intimacy.


Our Prayers & Goals

Our prayers & goals for Romantic Blessings are that:
1. By taking the leap of faith to establish Romantic Blessings we pray we will fulfill the mission the Holy Spirit has placed upon our hearts to remind couples that you can have a fulfilled sexual life with your spouse and still be in line with God’s ideal for marriage .
2. We pray that the products, resources, and business partnerships we offer through Romantic Blessings will honor God by helping couples grow closer to each other in their marriages. Thus, bringing them, as one flesh, closer to God and closer to His design for the Christian marriage.
3. We pray that at least one marriage that is not being reached in any other way will be truly and intimately blessed through the products and resources offered through Romantic Blessings.
4. We pray that couples will be blessed through our resources by knowing that God truly loves them and cares for their needs.
5.  In our prayers we get strength to not let the focus of Romantic Blessings be corrupted by money or led by greed. We continually pray and receive strength to always stay focused on honoring God in all that we do and all that we offer.
6. We pray daily for God's direction for Romantic Blessings. We pray daily that every product, service, and business partnership we associate with Romantic Blessings is led by God.

The above statements are what we pray for daily. What we would like to ask of you is that you add Romantic Blessings to your personal prayer list. We ask you to pray that God will give us discernment in all that we do, that we will continue to listen to God’s still voice, and that we will recognize God's guidance in all that we do.

With prayers for your marriage,
the Romantic Blessings team

Let Romantic Blessings Help

We can customize a support program just for your group.

The program could include Group Discounts, Product Education Webinars, Gift Cards, Marriage Workbooks, and more....

Your Link on Our Site - Our Link on Your Site

We would love to provide a link to your website or social media account on our store website for our customers. And we would sincerely appreciate your permission to place a link to our store on your website.

You can view how we have engaged with other social media partners Here

Gift Card Program

Discount program

We can create a coupon code tailored just to your audience.

And, if you join our Affiliate Partnership Marketing Program, we can link this coupon code to your affiliate account and you can earn 10% on every sale made using your coupon code.

Education Program

We are available to participate during any of your events to discuss our mission with your audience.

In addition, we can arrange product experts to join us for Q&A sessions with your audience.

Programs are Great For:

Audience Promotions and Giveaways

Marriage Events & Seminars

Audience Group Discounts

Funding for Blog or Podcast

Ready to start our Partnership together? Would you like to speak with someone to learn more about these programs?

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Meet The Team



Blair is an expert in supply chain, inventory management, distribution and customer service and has 35+ years experience in business operations. 

Blair enjoys golf, history and music. He serves as a Deacon and plays guitar, bass and keyboard for his church family.



Teresa is an expert in graphic design, photography and social media. She has 20+ years experience in marketing and administration.

 Teresa enjoys nature, travel, spending time w/family. She volunteers in the church's children & youth departments.

The Rest of the Team

Suppliers & Partnerships

We've worked hard to build a team that provides the best customer service in a discreet, safe shopping environment.

This team includes (but is not limited to):

1. 14 (and growing) Strategic Supply Partners
2. 13 (and growing) Christian Marriage Podcaster/Blogger/Educational Partners
3. 4 Business Management and Content Development Partners
4. An awesome Affiliate Partner Network (that could be you too)
5. Prayers and Counsel from Several Church/Ministry Leaders

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