Why Romantic Blessings


Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting our new store Romantic Blessings.

Our Background:

My wife and I are a Christian couple that just recently celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. We have pre-teen twin daughters that keep us very busy.
For our first 18 years of marriage we were living the dream. I had a really good job as a VP of a Fortune 50 company with a great income. I worked long hours, my wife had her interests, we went to church, raised our kids and basically thought we had a great thing going.

Then a couple of years ago I was caught up in an executive reshuffle - my great job and income was gone. We quickly blew through our retirement savings over the next year and a half while paying all of the monthly bills we had racked up while I looked for new work. My wife had to take on new part time jobs. Debt grew, stress grew, and all of our savings got used up.

I was finally able to get a new job two years ago but the debt had grown out of hand through bills and other bad decisions. After some hard conversations, we realized that we had been going through daily life as a married couple, but we had grown apart over the years into our own worlds. My wife thought I was shut off and not really engaged. I thought my wife never wanted sex and did not desire me. And the incredible stress was having a major impact on our marriage.

The Comeback:

In 2019 we decided to seek marriage counseling from a Christian based counselor. We begin to listen to Christian marriage podcasts together. We begin to engage in daily devotionals and prayer together every single day to start our day.

We both learned amazing things about ourselves and our marriage that we both wished we had known before we were married. But the church and others never talked about or taught these things.

We learned how important prayer, communication, commitment – and yes sex – is to our marriage. And we learned how marriage positive, intimacy positive and sex positive God’s design is.

Why Romantic Blessings:

We were both so impacted by the Christian podcasts, counseling, Christian blogs and other tools that we both wanted to find a way to do our part to carry on the mission and worship of marriage.

One thing we learned being a part of the forums and discussions through the podcasts was that Christian married couples were struggling to find a safe environment where they could shop for marital aids to grow and explore their intimacy together.

So we felt led by God that opening this online store is one way we can be “missionaries” to others. As you can tell from our story - we are not perfect and we struggle as much as anyone else. We are not sex experts. We are not marriage experts. We are not theological experts. We are just a simple, grateful Christian couple that wants to pay it forward.

We pray that Romantic Blessings will be able to bless your marriage in some way.