12 Ways to Give to Your Spouse

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Have a Merry Married Christmas: Give Your Spouse the Gift They Really Want 

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Christmas gifts for spouses should be more meaningful than practical. They should send a message while celebrating romance, togetherness, and joy. The best Christmas gifts for a significant other come from the heart. But with so many options, where do you start? 

Learning how to choose the perfect gift for your spouse can feel overwhelming. You have to consider multiple factors to give presents with staying power. So, find out why gifts are such powerful words in your partner’s love language. Then select something to become a souvenir of your love. 

Why Receiving Gifts Is a Love Language

Don’t think of your spouse’s desire for thoughtful gifts as materialism or vanity. It could be an innate part of their personality. According to the award-winning book “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman, some people thrive on tangible examples of affection. That gives many impulse purchases a rhyme and reason. 

Pretty presents and guilt-free gifts commemorate special occasions, important events, and sentimental experiences. They become tokens of your fondness and souvenirs of your history together. So, while a relationship without material things can be just as meaningful and fulfilling, thoughtful favors to your spouse can also solidify your intentions. 

A well-timed present says you were thinking about your spouse when they weren’t close by. And giving gifts “just because” means you love to see them smile. So, offer your lover clever surprises with consistency. Massage the heart muscles of your marriage often. 

Twelve Tactful Ways to Give to Your Spouse

christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

There are twelve months in a year, which means you have at least twelve chances to melt your partner’s heart. Each month can feature a new experience to tighten your bond and spice up your sex life. So, give graciously to your spouse despite the season. Don’t make them wait until Christmas for an ugly sweater. 

There’s nothing wrong with being a HO, HO, HO for your husband or wife. That’s the way God intended it. If you’re going to lust, you should lust after your spouse. So, share your fantasies and fulfill each other’s wishes in the bedroom. Here are twelve clever ways to make that happen each month: 

#1: January: New Year, New Positions   
Start with a spark and end with a bang. Use Liberator sex furniture to help achieve great things. Show off your bravery with durable pillows and wedges. You can flip or fold them into different shapes to support two hot bodies in motion. And for more inspiration, check out The Kama Sutra to discover new positions for the upcoming year. Then, spend the next twelve months perfecting your technique. 

TIP: Choose versatile positioning aids to keep things spicy without clogging your closet. 

#2: February: Date Night  
February is the shortest month, so try to make the most of your time. Plan a date night to romance the pants off of your spouse. Begin brainstorming ideas and share what you’d like to do with each other. Then create a flexible itinerary, gather your supplies, and prepare for takeoff. If you need help initiating sex or want to surprise your spouse, use date night kits and party accessories. 

TIP: Ask your partner to describe their perfect date in detail, then try to recreate it. 

#3: March: Find the Pot of Gold  

Explore your spouse’s body like it’s the first time. Make March a month of physical scavenger hunts that lead to weeks of dirty delights. Let the rest of the world search for love in all the wrong places. You’ve found a treasure, so give them pleasure. Choose your favorite erogenous zones or play hide-and-seek in the house. And prep your pants for more romance with penis-enhancing tools or clitoral pumps. Talk about a big surprise!

TIP: Keep the momentum going all night long with some romantic games.

#4: April: Showered with Affection  
April showers bring May flowers. So, help your rose bloom with targeted rays of kindness and affection. This month, you get 30 days to show your love in creative ways. And that means you can take it slow, speed it up, or set the ride to cruise control. Regardless of your pace, try incorporating a sensual massage with luxurious oils and lotions. Physical contact is a powerful thing, so use touch to your advantage

TIP: Learn how to perform yoni massage therapy to deliver more stimulating sensations.

#5: May: Make My Day
Have it your way at least once this year. Let May be the month of exploration, experimentation, and roleplay. Choose a day and call it “Lover’s Choice.” Then, let your spouse decide what happens. And even if that means busting out the vibrators, so be it. Now is a great time to grant wishes and grow as a couple. So, allow frisky thoughts to flow from your lips to your hips. Go ahead; make my day. 

TIP: When it’s your turn to choose, offer multiple options to keep things interesting. 

#6: June: Snug as a Bug 
It’s time for some middle-of-the-year maintenance. But you can still plan a fantastic date around your goals. Personal development benefits your marriage, so tighten your performance and perfect your approach with Ben-Wa balls. These ancient holistic tools strengthen pelvic muscles and help increase pleasure for both spouses. Best of all, you can slip them in or out, depending on the occasion. And you can use them for external massage as well. 

TIP: Apply lots of water-based personal lubricant when using Ben-Wa balls and other Kegel products.

#7: July: Fireworks 
Light a fire in your bedroom this month with enhanced oral sex and foreplay. A lengthy pre-game session can help intensify sensations and build intimacy before sex. Foreplay may also relieve pain, decrease vaginal dryness, and help with erectile dysfunction (ED). Improve cardiovascular health and establish sexual wealth with arousal that sparks fireworks in both your skies. Then use nipple pasties, edible underwear, or vibrating panties for the grand finale. 

TIP: Blend your favorite foreplay technique with a new position to wow your spouse. 

#8: August: Hot and Bothered
As you enter one of the hottest months of the year, make sure your mattress is just as toasty. You can use this time to experiment with different sensations or repeat the activities you love. Or you can turn things up a notch to include a few forbidden fruits. Case in point: prostate play. According to sexual health experts , men experience intense orgasms through p-spot stimulation. It also helps men improve their sexual performance, so it’s a win-win for both spouses. 

TIP: Try different positions to deliver a targeted prostate massage with therapeutic benefits.

#9: September: FALL in Love Again 
Plan something sweet instead of sexy and more romantic than raunchy this time. Host a candlelight dinner for your spouse with all of their favorite recipes. Create a private space that’s cozy, warm, and inviting to help cut the chill in the air. Then later, you can use those candles for frisky foreplay, scented sensuality, or both. Choose a wax that melts into massage oil for a sultry surprise. And make the night last forever with a flame that never dies. 

TIP: Use various wicks to create a sensational atmosphere that smells like love. 

#10: October: Play Dress Up 
Everyone else is wearing costumes for candy, so why not you? Only your candy is between your spouse’s legs, and your outfit gets them excited. Wearing lingerie for your partner is much better than showing off to strangers. Plus, it could end with an otherworldly orgasm and tons of material for inside jokes. Dressing up for the love of your life is a sign of submission and admiration. And it makes the spirit of divorce go running from your doorstep. 

TIP: Incorporate some edible underwear into your costume for an actual “trick or treat.” 

#11: November: No Means Yes 
NO-vember is your chance to turn the tables in your marriage, but with the most flirtatious tactics possible. Whether playing different roles or bossing each other around, nothing says “take me” like penis rings, lover’s lassos, and clitoris pumps. You can tease until the sun comes up while practicing tantric sex techniques. Or find out how many orgasms a human being can have without losing consciousness. No means yes this month, and we’re coming with a vengeance.

TIP: Discuss your hard and soft boundaries before engaging in new forms of sex. 

#12: December: Tidbit Nippy 
“Baby, it’s cold outside. Spend the night cuddled up by my side and let me lay my head on your chest. What happens when my mouth gets that close to your breasts is anyone’s guess. But let me use these nipple stimulation toys just in case. We can relax on the couch, lay in the bed, or take it somewhere public instead. Either way, playing with you is how I wish to spend the day.”
Now, send this to your spouse and get the bed warm. 

TIP: Prepare for the occasion with a special holiday gift to kick the night into overdrive. 

christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

And just like that, it’s almost New Year again. Lather, rinse and repeat this itinerary to establish a tradition in your marriage. But don’t be afraid to tailor the products, events, and order to your spouse’s desires. When it comes to sex in marriage, customization is critical. In the meantime, use this checklist to make sure each attempt is extra special: 

  1. Mark a day on your calendar for each month’s event. 
  2. Schedule the date, and don’t forget about it. 
  3. Prepare your body before each event to ensure maximum readiness.
  4. Clean and organize your space to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere.  
  5. Talk about your desires and fantasies throughout the year. 
  6. Keep track of what your spouse does and doesn’t want in the bedroom. 
  7. Research more ways to maintain or rekindle the spark in your marriage
  8. Try to actively improve your sexual energy for the sake of your spouse. 
  9. Learn how to do different things in the bedroom. 

For more information on how to enjoy a loving and fulfilling sex life with your spouse, refer to the Word of God. Or enjoy the Romantic Blessings podcast together. 

Make Love to Your Marriage All Year Long 

christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

You shouldn’t have to wait for a holiday to give meaningful gifts to your spouse. After all, they mean the world to you every day. And now that God has given you a fantastic partner, secure your blessing with tangible acts of kindness. Start with a spark and end with a bang (pun intended).

Along the way, don’t forget about God’s model for a Christian marriage. Remember, pleasuring your betrothed is an honor and privilege. You get exclusive access to their sacred garden for life. Make the most of every minute in it.

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