The Art of Touch

by Blair Bass

The Art of Touch

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Did you know that there’s such a thing as “touch starvation?” Your mind, body, and soul actually require skin-to-skin contact from the time you’re born until the day you die. That crucial connection is vital to your mental, physical, and emotional health as well. Gentle caressing can calm nerves, lower heart rates, and stir passions. It transports signals right from the fingertips all the way to the heart.

Touching wasn’t always deemed this essential though. Back in the day, couples would go long spans of time without ever fawning or fondling one another. It was considered proper for partners to remain separated until they got together for procreation only. These days, however, we’re better aware of the importance of physical touch and sexual gratification, especially in a healthy marriage.

Why is Touching So Important in a Marriage?

Calvary Baptist Church’s senior associate pastor, Gary Chapman, wrote a book called “The Five Love Languages” back in 1992. And while his content is nearly two decades old now, its description of interpersonal relationship dynamics remains timeless to this day. In the book, Chapman discusses the five primary ways that couples give and/or receive love. One of those ways is through thoughtful and deliberate physical touch.

Caressing and massaging is, therefore, a naturally compelling art form that’s favored by at least 20% of the population. From a purely scientific standpoint, physical affection results in the immediate release of oxytocin - an organic brain chemical that produces feelings of joy, relaxation, and connectedness. Touching also helps alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and motivate intimacy for the same reasons.

According to some studies, in fact, it only takes 20 seconds of intentional touching to cause a noticeable stir. That’s why sensual massage is such a primary tool for long-lasting marriages. Easy, cost-effective connectivity can help secure emotional bonds and strengthen those that already exist. Therefore, activities such as hugging, kissing, stroking, and massaging come highly recommended in the marital bedroom.

How Often Should I Touch My Spouse?

The quality and quantity of your touches means a lot more than you think. Most relationship experts suggest reaching out to your spouse at least 8 to 10 times each day, if not more, for the best results. Research shows that meaningful touching and/or massaging signals safety and trust between couples. That, in turn, helps soothe anxieties and can prepare partners for more satisfying intimacy.

5 Ways to Harness The Power of Touch

Touching on someone you love and/or are physically attracted to isn’t hard. However, touching in such a way that it inspires favorable reactions might be. So, enhance your abilities by making sure your love language gets communicated clearly. Here are five ways to do it:

  1. Use Massage Oils and Lotions

    Certain types of touch require a more equipped approach. Take sensual massaging, for example. It’s difficult to make the experience feel good when there’s too much friction between your hands and your partner’s body. After a while, it can cause chaffing, irritation, and even pain. So, lube things up with some high-quality massage oils and lotions to ensure everyone remains comfortable and relaxed.

    TIP: Choose something long-lasting, pleasantly scented, and hypoallergenic.

  2. Try Enhanced External Pleasure Products

    Meaningful contact is so important that there’s now an entire industry focused on creating enhanced products for surface-level pain relief, intimate massage, and even foreplay. You can boost your touchy experiences quickly with pleasurable products like labia and clitoral clamps, vibrating underwear, or breast and nipple accessories. Choose something sexy but don’t forget to bring the condoms if needed so you can have worry free fun while experimenting.

    TIP: Combine your favorite external pleasures with augmented lubricants for a more impactful session.

  3. Play with Couples-Friendly Sex Toys

    Sex toys for couples are quite popular these days, especially with their interactive features and intuitive functionalities. As a married couple, you and your spouse can now explore the furthest reaches of your physical fantasies together, often despite being miles away because of hectic schedules. Couples-friendly sex toys such as vibrators, prostate massagers, and penis strokers also offer more intense sensations than traditional touch - all driven directly by your spouse’s loving hand.

    TIP: Pick the marital aids that allow for the most interaction between you and your spouse, such as the We-Vibe Tease Us Special Edition Set.

  4. Learn Some New Techniques

    Touching and massaging your spouse may feel like a natural compulsion but that doesn’t mean you’re skilled at it. There’s nothing wrong with updating your technique from time to time, so try to learn about sensual contact methods and study reflexology when you get the chance. Certain techniques might not be proven effective by medical science, but many studies still show a curious connection between reduced anxiety and getting a focused massage.

    TIP: Incorporate your favorite heating, cooling, or tingling topicals to create a multi-dimensional experience.

  5. Dress Up a Little Bit

    Touch is a person’s natural response to attractive visual stimuli. Therefore, making yourself look appealing to your spouse can help build anticipation and ensure satisfaction. That, in turn, may make each touch feel more electric, provided there’s a little technique behind it. So, spice things up before giving or getting a sensual massage by changing into some sexy lingerie or sporting a few pieces of glistening body jewelry.

    TIP: Wear something that adds a little mystery to your look but make sure it’s easy to remove.

The Finale

Meaningful, focused physical touch is one of the five love languages that helps paint the picture of your marriage. It supports a strong bond and helps promote intimate growth between spouses. It’s so important, in fact, that countless studies have been conducted to prove its effectiveness on reducing anxiety, stress, and even fatigue.

Married couples who touch, rub, hug, or kiss each other at least 10 times per day are more likely to stay in love forever. Meanwhile, spouses who do so willingly and creatively get to enjoy bonus benefits such as increased closeness, enhanced sensations, and improved orgasms too.

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