7 Reasons to Use Sex Furniture, Sex Toys and Marital Aids with Your Spouse 

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Sex furniture, sex toys and marital aids can provide multiple benefits you might not be considering. They are tools to enhance your love life, boost intimacy in marriage, and prevent embarrassing mishaps. Could you be missing out on something fantastic?

Marriage experts say a healthy sex life is essential to a long and happy relationship. Meanwhile, your body continually changes and finds new ways to restrict your fun. Sex furniture and sex toys can help restore some of that vigor.

You love your spouse dearly, and having sex with them is one of your favorite activities. Don’t neglect romance because of avoidable limitations. Use positioning aids and pleasure enhancers to express the way you genuinely feel. Here is what you need to know to make that happen.

Why Good Sex Matters in a Christian Marriage

Satisfying sex is crucial, not just because it feels terrific. Experiencing physical bliss can help boost your mood and provide much-needed energy. However, maintaining intimacy in marriage allows spouses to enjoy a meaningful sense of security. Good sex renews the relationship and honors God’s design for a Christian marriage.

Making love to your spouse is exciting and wonderful, but years of monotony can take its toll. Sex furniture encourages more experimenting and supports “deeper” interactions. Also, sex that leads to orgasm can improve your health in multiple ways. So, finding techniques to ensure a smooth and safe finish is vital. 

Potential Obstacles to a Healthy Sex Life

You want to make love to your spouse all the time, but something always seems to get in the way. Sexual hangups, frustrations, and obstacles are common in every marriage. Fortunately, you can do things to increase the frequency and decrease those barriers for better sex.

Think you don’t have an issue with your sexual performance? See if any of these ten sex life hurdles sound familiar:

  • Physical Limitations
  • Sexual Inexperience
  • Lifestyle Challenges
  • Scheduling Conflicts
  • Temporary Setbacks
  • Relationship Problems
  • Fear of Embarrassment
  • Lack of Product Knowledge
  • Poor Communication
  • Limited Retailers

Why struggle to please your spouse when you can use sex furniture and sex toys instead? Many pleasure products for married couples include comprehensive instructions. Some also come with recommendations, and you can also seek information about using marital aids for the first time.

DID YOU KNOW: Couples who incorporate positioning aids and pleasure enhancers to give and receive orgasms often report being happier in their marriage.

7 Reasons to Use Sex Furniture and Marital Aids with Your Spouse

You probably don’t need a reason to want sex with your spouse. Most happy couples enjoy intimacy at least once per week. However, those numbers can vary depending on several factors. And you can’t rely solely on your passions to create a memorable experience. That means you must get creative.

As time passes, so do many opportunities for safe experimentation and self-expression. You can become limited by various mental, emotional, and physical attributes because of aging, injury, or otherwise. Some couples might even experience lulls in their love lives because of busy lifestyles or demanding careers. So, what can you do about it?

Here are seven reasons to consider using sex furniture, sex toys, or other marital aids:

#1. Physical Disabilities
People with disabilities can have exciting and satisfying love lives with the correct equipment. Many sex pillows and wedges are adjustable to accommodate various body types and ranges of motion. Most positioning gear is also compact, lightweight, and easy to maintain. You can even take some products on the go because they break down into tiny pieces for later assembly.

TRY: Liberator Esse Tantric Chair with Removeable Headrest

#2. Temporary Mobility Limitations
Perhaps you’ve gotten hurt and can’t perform in bed how you used to. The issues are only temporary, but you don’t want the pause to cause problems in your marriage. Bring out the foldable wedges, ergonomic vibrators, and sexy accessories to compensate for lost opportunities. Use the best pleasure products to maintain intimacy despite your injuries.

TRY: Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo

#3. Sexual Experimentation
Try new things with your spouse tonight, and don’t be afraid of feeling awkward. Top-quality sex furniture can help you experiment with different sensations, positions, and techniques. You can also find the g-spot or p-spot more easily with raised hips and supported buttocks. Discover the female orgasm while satisfying the male libido simultaneously.

TRY: Liberator BONDI Board Portable Playscape with Cuffs

#4. Maintaining Intimacy
You attempt to keep the flames burning hot, yet many things can make regular intimacy challenging. Always having sex in the same position can also put out the fire. Happy marriages involve two spouses satisfied in the bedroom, which means using your resources to deliver. Not considering sex furniture is like ignoring your fantasies for no legitimate reason.

TRY: Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount Wedge

#5. Preventing Mishaps
Thousands of people report to the emergency room yearly because of sex-related injuries. Their troubles are often avoidable, caused by slips and falls due to balance and positions. Sex wedges and couple’s toys can help save you a trip to the ER. Positioning aids support your body, allow for a better range of motion, and hoist your hips into the perfect place. Then sex toys finish the job.

TRY: Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount Pillow

#6. Enhancing Your Sex Life
Your sex life always deserves nourishing, and you’ve got a garden of love to grow. This is your opportunity to give back to your spouse through a meaningful and satisfying sexual exchange. Sex toy shopping together can help you better understand their desires. You can also use the same products multiple times to create new bedtime favorites as a couple.

TRY: Liberator Talea Padder Spreader Restraint Bolster Bar with Cuffs

#7. Supporting Long-Distance Relationships
Modern marriages are unique. Careers, campaigns, causes and other circumstances can take us away from our loved ones. Fortunately, technology is on our side. Remote-controlled products can help you stay connected while physically apart. Use Bluetooth-enabled sex toys with compatible smartphone apps for real-time interactions with your far-away spouse.

TRY: We-Vibe Nova 2 App-Compatible Rabbit Vibrator for Couples

Sex Furniture and Marital Aid Buyer’s Guide 

Buying a new sex toy can be tricky because there are multiple steps to follow and various things to consider. You must also spend money on something you’ll both enjoy since marriage isn’t a one-way street. Use this buyer’s guide to light the path to your next favorite device.

Remember to register the warranty on anything you buy. Most retailers require registration within 30-60 days of your purchase to avoid cancellation. Meanwhile, some toys and pillows don’t come with coverage from the manufacturer. Due diligence is essential here.

The Sex Toy Shopper’s Checklist

These are the things you should do before sex toy shopping:

  • Determine Your Needs – Define your boundaries and figure out your expectations. Then don’t forget to ask your spouse about theirs. 
  • Compare Shapes and Sizes – Look at several different sex pillows, wedges, and pleasure devices. You can create a custom collection with a diligent approach.
  • Consider Your Lifestyle – Think about whether you need something for long-distance sex or in-person lovemaking. Tailor your shopping list from there.
  • Check Out the Materials – Seek pleasure products with skin-safe materials to prevent irritation and allergic reactions. Use condoms if you can’t find any.
  • Choose Something Versatile – Pick devices that can groove with your evolving sex life. This is a terrific time to speak with your spouse about intimacy goals.
  • Learn the Features – Determine what your favorite products can and can’t do before spending money. Many items are non-returnable because of their personal purpose.
  • Ask Some Questions – You can usually talk to someone in customer service to discover more about each product. Or listen to a marriage podcast for unique insights.
  • Find Appropriate Storage – Assign a specific spot in your home for keeping sex products. Then choose your items based on how much free space you have.
  • Calculate the Budget – Decide what you want to spend on the primary products. However, save room for accessories, cleaning supplies, and items to set the mood.
  • Gather Momentum – You don’t want to buy a bunch of sex toys and never use them. Build up your spouse and get excited about the possibilities together.

FACT: The best sex toys and furniture isn’t always the most expensive. The price you pay typically depends on the brand and retailer.

Safety Tips for Sexy Spouses

Using something new can be exciting, and you might feel overwhelming urges during sex. This is when you should become extra careful about when and how you do it. Rough sex and experimentation can be fun, but someone could get hurt if you’re too gung-ho. 

Sex toys and sex furniture are supposed to help spouses understand what works and what doesn’t. They are customizable tools to promote intimacy and determine or fulfill each other’s desires. With safety first, satisfaction comes next. Here are some tips to help you keep it cool:

  • Read the instructions. You can find good information about each product in the owner’s manual.
  • Check out some reviews. See what other people are saying about the stuff you like.
  • Begin slowly. Take your time getting to know each item before experimenting with it.
  • Communicate honestly. Tell your spouse what you honestly think about each new toy.
  • Use plenty of lube. Most sex toys require hypoallergenic water-based lubricants.
  • Gather your supplies. Have everything ready to prevent pauses and accidents.
  • Keep it clean. Always wash your pleasure products before and after each use.

You can also increase safety while experimenting by choosing high-quality sex furniture – another reason to use it. The best pillows and wedges are compatible, meaning you can create a tailored tower. Some sex toys also work together for simultaneous play. Those features help people approach sex more confidently, leading to fewer injuries and less embarrassment.

How to Bring Up Sex Toys in Your Marriage

Sparking a conversation about introducing sex toys is a delicate dance. You don’t want your spouse to feel inadequate or unappreciated. However, you also don’t want to continually deliver an unfulfilling experience. The best plan is to gingerly bring up the topic and then let them take the lead.

Remain open and honest without being judgemental. You can always read books together, watch instructional videos, or listen to audio materials about marriage intimacy. The goal is to find something you love and feel safe doing. Don’t be afraid to try something new and tell your spouse it doesn’t work. Sexual experimentation is a learning experience.

Never use sex toys or positioning aids to insult your spouse’s performance. These tools should bring you closer as a couple and fulfill various fantasies without injuries or accidents. Stop if someone gets hurt, and seek medical attention if you need it. Otherwise, feel free to get as kinky and creative as you’d like.


Sex furniture can help transform your love life by boosting intimacy with your spouse. Meanwhile, marital aids make your experience more enjoyable. Incorporate both to please your partner and satisfy nagging cravings without getting hurt.

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