Exploring the Female Orgasm 

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Exploring the Female Orgasm

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Fun fact about the female orgasm: people thought it didn’t exist until just a few decades ago. Back in the day, it was assumed that men were the only ones who ejaculated. That’s because you could readily see theirs, while a woman’s was far more mysterious. As it turns out, the female orgasm is several times more intense than a typical man’s. So, it has naturally become a pretty big deal that deserves exploration.

How Do Women Have Orgasms? 

A woman’s body is a wonderland, with a myriad of sensitive nerve endings coursing through every curvy inch. When some of the nerve endings in her erogenous zone get stimulated, she’s more easily able to have an orgasm. Her vaginal blood vessels dilate, which sends increased blood supply to her genitals and throws her eyes into the back of her head. 

Meanwhile, the vulva begins to swell as a result of the boosted blood flow. Fluid then passes through the vaginal walls to create a natural lubricant that’s fit for penetration. However, some women can only achieve an orgasm through external stimulation to the clitoris. Therefore, it’s your job to know your wife’s body and learn how to give her a proper O-face. 

What are the Benefits of Orgasm for Women? 

When you give your wife an orgasm, you’re doing more than delivering pleasure. You’re actually helping to improve her health and prolong her life. It’s one of the most loving things you can do, especially if you take your time and listen to what her body says. Do that and she’ll benefit in these 5 ways: 

  1. Immediate Mood Boost Nothing turns a frown upside down like giving and/or receiving sexual pleasure from your loving spouse. But there’s more to it than simply feeling good. Orgasms send powerful endorphins and dopamine into the bloodstream, causing instant smiles as a result. That, in turn, can help alleviate stress, fight anxiety, and prevent depression. 

  2.  Improved Immunities Did you know that frequent orgasms have been shown to improve a person’s immune system? You can even shorten the length of your cold by catching a climax instead. Recent studies have revealed quite a bit about the human orgasm, including its ability to replace some over-the-counter headache medicines altogether. 

  3.  Better Sleep Cycles Notice how you snooze like a rock right after you reach orgasm with your partner. There’s some science to that. What happens is pretty simple, in fact: your body releases all of its tension at once and then falls into deep relaxation afterwards. It’s a fool-proof design that results in great R&R (plus all the benefits of being well rested). 

  4. Natural Pain Relief Your wife doesn’t like to be in pain, but you can help her out just by giving her some satisfying sex. As it turns out, making love can temporarily relieve minor body aches and pains. So, you don’t have to suffer or say no to your spouse. Instead, say yes to an orgasm and start feeling better sooner rather than later. 

  5. Healthier Relationships Couples who can provide each other with everything they need to feel happy and healthy are the ones that last the longest. Interestingly, relationship experts cite frequent orgasming as a major component to marriage longevity. Thus, you can protect your love by showing it more often (and in the most physically pleasurable ways possible).

Keep in mind that there are four stages to the female orgasm: the initial excitement, the plateau, the orgasm itself, and then the come-down. Be sure you’re there to walk her through every step. By the way, your wife can have more than one climax per session. So, don’t be afraid to push the limits. 

What Things Prevent a Woman from Reaching Climax?

It’s important to briefly note the things that might prevent your wife from coming to fruition during sex, that way you can create a plan around it and still give her what she wants: 

  1. Lacking Lubrication - Try the Doc Johnson Mood Lube™ Variety Kit to capture the moment in pure bliss no matter what the challenges are. 

  2. Hormonal Imbalances - Give her a reason to relax with your loving touch and the Shunga Organica Massage Oil on your hands.
  3. Poor Performance - Step your game up with some couple’s sex toys tonight and guarantee an orgasm while wearing the LELO™ TOR 2 Waterproof Penis Ring.

PRO TIP: Give her a more interesting night by using the Fukuoku 5-Finger Vibrating and Pulsating Massage Glove to ravish her breasts and thighs. 

How to Give Your Wife a Better Orgasm 

The female orgasm is so important and magical that scientists conducted numerous studies just to find out what makes women tick. Here’s what they discovered: 

1. Women really enjoy receiving oral sex. In fact, some ladies can’t even reach climax without clitoral stimulation.

2. Females take longer to orgasm than men - as much as five times longer, to be exact.

3. Ladies enjoy sex more when they’re happy in love. That means relationship satisfaction plays a tremendous role in this equation.

4. Woman want to have a voice in the bedroom. So, they often prefer sex with partners who allow them to express themselves freely.

5. Gals like foreplay too. They even respond better to sexual advances when you’re consistent throughout the day.

6. Your wife wants to be kissed. Studies show that deep kissing during intercourse can help promote better orgasms and relationship bonds.

7. Females have fantasies to fulfill. Contrary to popular belief, men are not the only ones to obsess about potential sex acts with a partner.

8. Not all positions work out. Some wives like it missionary style while others prefer it otherwise, but most insist on mixing it up.

TIP: Use high-quality Liberator sex furniture to support your two bodies in motion while achieving new positions and better climaxes safely.  

The Takeaway 

The female orgasm is no longer a mysterious thing. We may not know everything, but we know that it exists, it’s powerful, and it’s good for her health. So, whether we’re serving it up for Mother’s Day or simply showing our love just because, it’s important to understand what’s happening in our wives’ bodies. After all, it’s our job to experience pleasure together. 

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