Marriage is a Gift from God

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Marriage Is a Gift from God

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Today’s society doesn’t view marriage as the sacred institution it once was. Divorce rates are high, and it seems as though couples are less likely to exercise caution in their spousal choice or work through their problems. Christians should view marriage in a different light. Rather than considering it a path to happiness and having children, Christians should consider the deeper meaning behind the institution of marriage. For instance, it opens the opportunity to bring more people to Christ.

What Is the Purpose of Marriage?

First, it’s essential to explore marriage’s purpose as instituted by God, rather than the world’s view. Marriage is meant to be a holy union between a man and woman, providing not only companionship but the opportunity to witness to each other and offer valuable support in today’s society.

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2:18

The Bible clarifies that marriage was created for men and women to help each other and offer a close bond.

Love Each Other As Christ Loved You

Marriage was created in the image of God, providing couples with the opportunity to love, be faithful, and forgive each other, helping each other grow in their faith and become the person God wants them to be. As couples see their love grow, they realize the love and grace of God, leading each other and their children and close family members along the path of righteousness and faith. A good marriage is a direct reflection on the faith and understanding of God’s role in our lives and helps others see the importance of strong faith in God.

Jesus Is the Center of Any Marriage

Putting Christ at the center of your life provides you and your spouse with the solid foundation and the example required to ensure a long-lasting, healthy marriage. Couples who worship together and place God as a focus in their lives are better able to forgive each other for inevitable shortcomings and are more likely to be faithful to each other as God is faithful to the church. Inviting God to take part in your marriage sets you up for success, not failure.

Marriage Is a Partnership

Many people in today’s society make the mistake of interpreting references of marriage in the Bible as the man heading over the wife and being higher than her. However, in a Biblical marriage, men and women enter into a partnership to support each other, not only in their daily lives but in their faith. While the man is considered the head of the household, equality is essential in a successful marriage. Both parties are equal in the eyes of God and should act as such, rather than the man lording over the woman.

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