3 ways to intensify intimacy

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3 Ways to Intensify Intimacy with Your Wife
and therefore creating a stronger marriage bond, as God intended.

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How can husbands show their love and affection to their wives in new and exciting ways? Enhancing or intensifying the intimacy in your marriage is a terrific place to start. 

Improving marriage intimacy as a Christian couple means maintaining a certain standard in your home. It also means regulating your thoughts to manage your actions. However, God doesn't want His married children to be miserable and frustrated. He created marriage to give us someone to love, a way to keep us from sin, and somewhere to act out our carnal fantasies. Sex is a sacred union and an insurance policy from the Almighty. 

Most Christian couples never question whether intimacy in marriage is part of God's design. They think they already know how to satisfy their spouse's sexual needs. Many people also enjoy a fulfilling love life despite physical limitations or personal boundaries. So, what's the point of using sex toys, and what does God think about all of this? 

Marriage, Sex and God

Statistically most married couples have sex about twice a week. Multiply that by 50 years, and you get approximately 5,200 encounters with your spouse over a lifetime. Even if you're still totally enraptured by your spouse, lovemaking can become boring after so many years. Meanwhile, new couples also need something to help fan the flames

Unsatisfying sex can have a significant impact on the health of any relationship. Fortunately, God's design is too intelligent to ignore that fact of life. While Christian couples should always put the Lord's will above their own, the Father is quite pleased when spouses connect on every level. He made us multifaceted beings for a reason and gave us guidance in His word. 

Some Christian couples question whether marital aids are acceptable according to their faith. One of the most commonly cited Bible verses against using sex toys is 1 Corinthians 10:23, which says: 

"We are allowed to do all things, but not all things are good for us to do. We are allowed to do all things, but not all things help others grow stronger."  

That verse is fundamental, but it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment and explore with your spouse in the confines of marriage. Read the Song of Songs for a clear view of how God sees sex in marriage. Toys can be vital to a health union and beneficial to both spouses. When used to promote intimacy, marital aids can be heavenly. 

Couples who use sex toys mutually can enjoy a richer, fuller marriage experience. Sexual satisfaction induces bliss, reduces temptation, and exemplifies multi-faceted closeness with your spouse. Isn't it better to scratch the itch with your betrothed instead of letting impure thoughts fester? His scriptures plan for such occasions and clarify how to maintain or improve intimacy in a Christian marriage.

"Always be enraptured with her love." - Proverbs 5:19-20

Intensifying Intimacy for Your Wife

As the husband, you are called by scripture to provide for your wife. However, she requires more than mere sustenance and spiritual leading. Her needs also include mental stimulation, emotional support, and sexual satisfaction. Luckily, the best sex toys for Christians can help relationships shine brighter while putting sinful urges in their place. 

Marital aids promote togetherness, enhance intimacy, eliminate temptation, and build stronger bonds. That's a far cry from the stigma that sex toys destroy marriages and go against God's will. They do not induce immoral desires, nor do they communicate disdain for God's design. Instead, they say, "I love what the Father has created and given me, and I want more of it." Make sure your wife gets the message.

Contrary to popular belief, sex toys when used thoughtfully together don't replace sexual intimacy or create unrealistic expectations. Modest pleasure products can enhance your experience in the bedroom instead. They support what you're already doing while giving you the tools to try new things without committing sins. 

Marital aids should not be crutches for meaningful contact or an excuse for not exploring and learning your spouse’s body. Moderation and mindfulness are essential with all things in God's world. However, enhancing intimacy for your wife can still feel like an adventure. 

Many married Christian couples use sex toys to learn and explore their spouse's turn-ons. Husbands can also understand their wives' bodies better and appreciate how challenging it can be for her to reach orgasm.    

DID YOU KNOW: Some women cannot climax from penetration. They require external stimulation to enjoy a fulfilling experience.  

Benefits of Sex Toys in Marriage 

Marriage is a lifelong commitment to love, honor, cherish, and surrender to your spouse. It is not a contract to live without pleasure in exchange for devotion. The healthy Christian couple is best friends first and lovers second. They use sex toys to reap many of the following benefits: 

  • Mutual Enjoyment 
  • Body Literacy 
  • Customized Play 
  • Increased Range of Motion 
  • Long-Distance Support 
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Judgment-Free Foreplay  
  • Temptation Control 
  • Sexual Servitude 
  • Health Treatments 

Pleasure products for couples can revolutionize your relationship and promote togetherness. Most couples report a closer bond, intensified passion, and more satisfying orgasms. Moreover, some spouses use sex toys to help with medical conditions such as: 

  • Erectile Dysfunction 
  • Vaginal Dryness 
  • Orgasm Disorder 
  • Premature Ejaculation 
  • Fertility 
  • Peyronie’s Disease 
  • Prostate Malfunction 
  • Physical Disabilities 

Sexual health products are perfect for people who need help finding or maintaining different positions. Plus, they help couples try new things without injury or embarrassment. Who doesn’t relive pure bliss after they’ve gotten a taste? That’s not the only important question you’ll have to ask. 

5 Crucial Questions to Ask Yourselves Before Adding Sex Toys to the Bedroom and 5 Tips to Help Answer Them

How can you use sex toys in a Christian marriage to intensify intimacy with your wife? The possibilities are virtually endless. However, you must understand that sexual intimacy is about more than feeling good and ejaculating. Being intimate with your wife is a gift that lets you go on a journey together, so take that trip with a clear conscience.

Your path to a more intimate relationship should consist of honest conversations, innovative pleasure techniques, and thoughtful accommodations. Authentic intimacy begins with emotional closeness and ends with physical satisfaction. It's a chance to explore something fantastic alongside someone you love, and it can edify God's design for marriage in the process. 

Most women require physical and mental stimulation to reach orgasm. Sex toys can help give that to her. Yet, incorporating marital aids in a Christian marriage for the first time can be tricky. So, get started by asking yourself these five crucial questions: 

#1. How Often Do We Spend Quality Time Together?
Does your lifestyle prevent you from flirting, touching, and making love to your wife? Circumstances like that can make establishing and maintaining intimacy more challenging. Meanwhile, some sex toys help encourage quality time and create more impactful interactions. And once in a while, you can also make the most of a busy schedule with condensed experiences that cut right to the chase. 

TIP: Set aside at least one night per week for one-on-one time with your wife. 

#2. How Well Do I Know My Wife's Body? 
You’re supposed to be the one who can touch your wife and make her melt. However, you can’t arouse anybody if you don’t know what feels good to them. Are you sure you’ve uncovered all the nooks and crannies of your lover’s libido? Using a high-quality marital aid is one way to help ensure maximum exposure and optimal performance with minimal effort.  

TIP: Give your wife a sensual massage to learn where she likes being touched. 

#3. How Much Energy Can I Put Into My Sex Life? 
Some husbands have more stamina than others. You might not last as long as you'd like between physical fitness, reproductive health, and other factors. Learning new techniques can also be time-consuming and frustrating, depending on the situation. Sex toys for married couples should not reduce the time spent learning new techniques together with your spouse. However, they can give you both a head start and a grand finale in the most efficient ways possible.

TIP: Choose sex toys that can help you learn how to pleasure your spouse. 

#4. How Can a Sex Toy Help Me Be More Intimate with My Wife? 
Think of how you can impress or entice your spouse in and out of the bedroom. What tiny gestures could you expand upon or do more often? Has she ever mentioned something she wants to try or complained about something you do/don’t do in bed? Now is your time to fulfill her needs with a customized sex toy collection. Even the initial conversation about it will bring you closer. 

TIP: Pick pleasure products that align with your relationship goals and spiritual beliefs. 

#5. How Many Times Per Week Do We Have Sex?
How often do you wrestle between the sheets with your sweets? It’s okay to fall on either side of the average, but a healthy love life involves frequent lovemaking. Fortunately, many sex toys invite spouses to become more intimate through exciting features, interactive settings, and tailored controls. A new game, lingerie and/or massage oils can help improve date night and enhance foreplay. You can also use some of them to enhance sensations during natural intercourse. 

TIP: Find sex toys that can spark flirting, excitement and foreplay between sessions. 

If you can think of anything else that concerns you, write it down. Bring it up to your wife when discussing your love life. Then consult your spiritual leaders for a deeper understanding of God’s plan for intimacy in marriage. 

3 Steps That Can Take Your Marriage Intimacy to the Next Level

Dutiful husbands make reasonable efforts to establish and maintain intimacy in their marriage. Meanwhile, they don’t need a special holiday to feel compelled to satisfy their wives. Instead, they begin with these basics and expand from there: 

  • Caring for her emotions
  • Stimulating her mind
  • Setting the scene 
  • Prioritizing her needs 
  • Embracing foreplay 
  • Climaxing together 

Once you have the basics down, then you can move on to the next level of Intimacy. Here are 3 steps we suggest:

Step One: Start the Conversation 
Be open and honest with each other about your sexual expectations, fantasies, and boundaries. Sex toys might not be the answer for every couple. Ask your wife to share her thoughts and reveal her most intense cravings. Then make a list of the pros and cons of what is mutually acceptable in your marriage. Shopping for toys and accessories together is a great way to research. It’s also an opportunity to explore mutually acceptable ways to enhance your intimate life. 

Not sure where to begin? Check out some marriage intimacy courses for ideas. 

Step Two: Pick Your Pleasures 
Listen to your spouse and the Holy Spirit, then let them guide your journey. As you sort through several options to discover devices that could raise your temperature, pray together that these devices will only be used for benefit in your marriage. And as always, double-check with your wife to confirm she’s on board with a new sexual experience. 

Looking for something specific? Search for games and sex furniture to help you achieve your goals. 

Step Three: Embrace the Intimacy 
Take it slow if you have to, or race to the finish line if you desire. There are no rules for using sex toys in marriage if you honor God’s design for intimacy. You can even mix and match devices or enhance marital intimacy with lingerie, seductive massage oils, and genital pumps

First time using a sex toy? Brush up on your knowledge and skills with a quick reference guide.  


Being married is a tremendous responsibility, especially when you have God involved. He ordains monogamy and submission to your spouse. But His design also includes provisions for play and fully enjoying all sex has to offer with your spouse. 

Talk to your wife about her vision of a more intimate marriage. Try to determine where you could improve your approach, then search for pleasure products that support your efforts. If it’s your role to fulfill your spouse’s needs, this is the perfect place to start. 

Sex toys don’t have to replace hands-on pleasure or taint the connection in your marriage. Using them as intended can strengthen your bond, satisfy curiosities, and support emotional growth. When we play with marital aids for the wrong reasons, they can be detrimental to our relationships. But when used mutually together they can open up new worlds of intimacy and strengthen the bond in your marriage.

Talk to your wife about her vision of a more intimate marriage. Try to determine where you could improve your approach, then search for pleasure products that support your efforts. If you desire to fulfill your spouse’s needs, this is the perfect place to start. 


christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

Romantic Blessings believes all married couples should enjoy intimacy the way they see fit. But learning new facts and techniques can be a challenge because sex is still taboo. So, check out our library of Christian-based resources to help you improve your love life and glorify God through a happy marriage. 

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