The holiday season is a time of togetherness and joy, but it can also be a time when couples long for a little more romance and intimacy. The nostalgia, sweet surprises, and shared cheerfulness can inspire new feelings and desires. So, how do you get it on without the entire family finding out?

Whether holiday traveling, staying in a relative’s house, or hosting guests at home, keeping the flames of passion burning during this festive season is possible. It only requires some patience, preparation, and creativity.

Let’s explore tips, tricks, and romantic ideas for different holiday scenarios. We’ll add a touch of adventure to maintaining privacy in the most challenging situations. Here we go!

Why Romance Is Difficult During the Holidays


Romance during the holidays can be a beautiful and heartwarming experience, but it can also be challenging. The holiday season is typically packed with various commitments, from shopping and decorating to attending parties and family gatherings. So, finding quality time for intimacy with your spouse can be a struggle when the schedule is jam-packed.

Meanwhile, the pressure to buy gifts, host parties, and participate in festivities can strain your finances. And family gatherings, while joyous, can also be emotionally draining. Dealing with family dynamics, hectic itineraries, and in-laws or extended family might distract you from your partner.

Staying in unfamiliar environments, sharing living spaces, or accommodating guests can also limit your private time. Learn creative ways to show your love despite the circumstances.

Holiday Romance and Intimacy Hacks


Create lasting memories and deepen your connection with your spouse. Maintain the romantic spark in your relationship with these four hacks:

#1. Plan Ahead
Planning is crucial when traveling or hosting the holidays. Bring along your partner's favorite scents, sex toys, or a cozy blanket to set the mood in your room. If you’re staying at a friend’s or relative’s, ask about these crucial details:

  • Your sleeping arrangements
  • Other guests
  • Household routines
  • Neighborhood amenities

#2. Surprise Your Partner
Pack a small surprise gift for your partner. It could be a handwritten love note, their favorite chocolates, or a naughty item to spice things up. Then, use that item when you get a moment alone with your spouse.

#3. Explore the Local Scene
Take advantage of your new location and explore local romantic spots. Check out parks, museums, shopping centers, and restaurants for private places to enjoy public displays of affection. A romantic dinner by the beach, a cozy cafe, or a scenic hike can help create the spark.

#4. Be Adventure Seekers
Consider trying something new, even if you’re not usually an adventurous couple. Do some preliminary research, then use the information to plan a surprise getaway. It can range from a few moments to several hours, depending on your availability.

Remember to tailor each hack to your unique circumstances. Discuss fantasies and concerns with your spouse beforehand to remove doubts, assuage fears, and develop a plan.

Spicing Up the Holidays as a Guest

Staying away from home can be fun but stressful, especially if you want to get busy with your boo. It doesn’t help that family, friends, and loved ones come and go without warning. Candidly talk with your partner about desires and boundaries before you arrive. Establish a safe word for subtle communication during gatherings.

For example, create secret signals or code words to discreetly indicate your intentions. Tap your foot under the dinner table or brush your brow to signal you're feeling frisky. Make time for each other by flirting throughout the day and stealing away for romance when you can.

Find opportunities to sneak away from the family's watchful eye, even if it's just a 15-minute walk around the block or a quick rendezvous in a guest bedroom. Utilize nighttime for intense intimacy and experimentation. Slip away to your room early or stay up late when everyone else is asleep to express your love.

What to Have on Hand

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Staying at someone else’s house during the holidays can be fun, hectic, and stressful. Although the host will likely try to make you comfortable, it’s your responsibility to handle the rest. Here is what you should bring to get it on with your spouse as a houseguest:

  • Personal toiletries – Stay clean while getting dirty with your partner during the holidays.
  • Extra bedding or linens – Swap out the host’s bed sheets, blankets, and pillows or lay down a cover before having sex on their furniture.
  • Seasonal attire – Pick clothing that allows you and your spouse to explore outdoor activities.
  • Private entertainment – It’s not fair to expect your host to entertain you throughout the entire event.
  • Chargers, batteries, and adapters – Ensure you can use phones and other electronic devices while away from home.

Remember to stay quiet while making love or fooling around, and respect the host’s wishes about noise levels, locations, and timing.

Being Romantic When Hosting the Holidays

Hosting a holiday gathering shouldn’t create distance between you and your spouse. Use the occasion as an opportunity to try new things or address sexual issues. Also, schedule alone time with your lover like it’s part of the festivities. The following are a few tips to help:

  • Create a Romantic Setting
  • Arrange Fun Activities
  • Use Secret Signals
  • Steal a Moment Away
  • Keep the Music Playing

Next, let’s zoom in on each tip for more details:

Creating a romantic setting during the holidays can be challenging. You can’t disrupt the furniture arrangements or décor, and you must make every other adjustment temporary. So, set up your personal space accordingly and be sure not to inconvenience your guests.

Reserve a room with soft lighting, scented candles, massage oils, and sexy music to set the mood. You can even designate a cozy area for lovemaking if the space is small. Use it for fun activities like couple’s games, flirty role play, movies and snuggles, or something more intense.

Meanwhile, understand that many eyes will likely be watching you and your spouse. Develop secret signals to communicate without alerting friends and family. Let your partner know you’re in the mood for sex with a discreet wink or nod.

PRO TIP: Check the itinerary to determine little moments you can run off together for intimacy, then do it (often).

What to Have on Hand

Give your holiday guests a comfortable and private place to relax so you and your spouse can have sex without disruptions. Kick off celebrations by having these items ready before guests arrive to minimize unwanted interruptions:

  • Designated guest sleeping area
  • Extra bedding
  • Storage space for personal belongings
  • Wi-Fi passwords and security codes
  • Entertainment options
  • Window coverings
  • “Do Not Disturb” sign
  • Quiet sex toys

Keep the kitchen stocked with essentials like coffee, tea, and snacks that guests can access without feeling they are intruding. Also, encourage open communication with your loved ones. Let them know they can reach out if they have any concerns or need anything.

Sexy Ideas for Intimacy Over the Holidays


Intimacy is an important part of any romantic relationship, and the holiday season can provide a unique opportunity to spice things up and connect on a deeper level. Here are ten ideas for creating a more intimate and romantic holiday experience with your partner:

Candlelight Munchies
Prepare a special candlelit meal at home for you and your spouse to share in private. It can be something from the festivities or a unique snack you both love. This activity fosters playful togetherness while satiating food cravings and providing a backdrop for more fun.

Holiday Games for Couples
Play intimate and romantic holiday-themed games like "Naughty or Nice” and “Do You See What I See?” Being jovial with your lover can lead to passionate moments later. Remember, effective foreplay happens from dawn until dusk in a healthy and happy marriage.

Warm Baths and Hot Showers
Share a steamy shower or bath to catch some sexy alone time while getting ready for the day. This tip helps save time and resources while giving you an excuse to make love any time. Complete the scenario with scented candles, soft music, or rose petals in the water.

Festive Lingerie and Costumes
Elevate your holiday intimacy with a playful twist. Surprise your partner by donning festive lingerie or tantalizing holiday-themed costumes. From sultry Santa outfits to cheeky elf attire, these sizzling ensembles can add a touch of fun and flirtation to your romantic celebrations.

Holiday Movie Night
Embrace the magic of the holiday season with a heartwarming tradition. Select a romantic holiday film that resonates with both of you, and nestle together on the couch under a soft, warm blanket. As the movie unfolds, let the characters' love stories mirror your own, fostering a deep emotional connection.

Sexy Stocking Stuffers
Stoking the flames of desire during the holiday season can be a delightful endeavor with a hint of intrigue. As you prepare to celebrate, tuck away intimate gifts or heartfelt love notes into your partner's holiday stocking. The act of discovery can be an exhilarating adventure, sparking anticipation and passion.

DIY Rub Down
Indulge in an intimate experience that rejuvenates the body and soothes the soul with a sensual massage. As your hands expertly traverse your partner's body, the oils awaken their senses, fostering relaxation and a deep sense of pampering. This tactile connection relieves tension and stress and ignites a passionate flame.

Outdoor Adventure
When winter's embrace covers your region in a blanket of snow, seize the chance for an exhilarating outdoor adventure that nurtures connection and intimacy. Plan a day filled with snowy escapades like sledding down pristine hills, gracefully gliding across an ice-skating rink, or embarking on a winter hike through the serene landscapes.

FUN FACT: Shared experiences are opportunities for laughter, hand-holding, and warm embraces.



The holiday season can be challenging for couples looking to maintain their romantic and sexual connections. However, open communication, creativity, and a sense of adventure help keep the spark alive during this festive period.

Whether you're seeking a quiet, intimate evening or something more adventurous, the key is to be prepared, plan ahead, and find subtle ways to express your desires and boundaries. Remember, the holidays are all about love, so don't be shy about keeping that love alive and well in your relationship.


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