5 Unusual (But Easy) Ways to Get Out Of Your Bedroom Comfort Zone

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Your comfort zone isn’t always the best place to be, even if it’s relaxing and reliable. In fact, some studies suggest it can harm your marriage. Forgetting to fan the flames of your love is the risky part, so why be afraid to try something new? The worst that could happen is you don’t like it and choose another activity. Perhaps this article will inspire excitement in your bedroom by helping you get out of a rut.

We will discuss how staying in a comfort zone can decrease intimacy and pleasure in any marriage. We’ll also explore unusual but easy ways to break out of the monotony and enjoy mind-blowing sex with your spouse once again. Let’s get it on.

What Is a Comfort Zone?

Comfort zones are physical, emotional, or mental states wherein you feel safe, secure, and unchallenged. They can be good or bad depending on your perception and how frequently you use them. In marriage, comfort zones can be dangerous because they disallow growth by promoting a constantly neutral atmosphere.

Craving familiarity is perfectly normal, but needing to control every detail of your environment might not be. According to psychologists, people who refuse to move away from their comfort zones experience more stress and anxiety than those with an adventurous spirit. Many assume the opposite is true, but peculiar things can happen in your marriage when you stop wanting more.

Operating in an anxiety-neutral position seems mellow and agreeable. It’s also easier to cope with insecurities, restrictions, disabilities, mental illness, and other issues when you know what to expect. However, getting too comfortable in your everyday habits can cause you to lose interest in the one God ordained as your lover. And this isn’t about your favorite restaurants, movies, or conversation starters either.

Why Are Comfort Zones Bad?

Not all cozy positions and familiar routines are terrible. Still, refusing to step out of marriage monotony is a bad idea. Unfortunately, you could be stuck in a rut without even knowing it. The subtle way boredom sneaks into a marriage is perhaps the most challenging part. Identifying it in your relationship is a close second.

For reference, experts identify two distinct comfort zone types: habits of action and habits of thought. Habits of action describe things like your foreplay regimen, your go-to sex position, and your actions after lovemaking. Habits of thought describe how you perceive your love life despite comments or evidence to the contrary. In other words, you can lose a lot when you get too comfortable and assume too much.

Which comfort zone affects your marriage? Ask your spouse for their opinions. Think of this conversation as your first step toward trying something exciting and new with the love of your life.

Comfort zones in marriage are dual-sided. They can breed a sense of compassion and security but make spouses feel bored. Comfortable marriages let you draw from past experiences, increasing your confidence in and out of the bedroom. However, an overly-used comfort zone can stop your learning, growing, and pleasing.

The danger/panic zone lies on the other side of the spectrum. This is where many fear they’ll end up if they step too far off base. It describes a space of insecurity, uncertainty, and potential peril. Ironically, this is also where thrills and spontaneity exist. You must learn how to playfully blur the lines as a couple because boredom in marriage undermines closeness, reducing satisfaction and putting your love at risk.

What Do People Need to Feel Comfortable Outside Their Comfort Zone?

Encouraging your spouse to stray from the bedroom beat can be easier said than done. People want to feel confident, but entering new territories is often intimidating. You can make each other’s job easier by ensuring these fundamental comfort aspects regardless of the activity:

  • Thermal Ease
  • Visual Ambiance
  • Acoustic Balance
  • Respiratory Clarity
  • Emotional Relief
  • Spiritual Satisfaction

Your spouse might be more willing to try new things if you promise to cover those bases. For example, don’t make playtime too hot or heavy. Keep noisy distractions to a minimum, and practice patience when learning, experimenting, or demonstrating. Don’t let boredom, monotony, and comfort zones negatively impact your sex life.

How Your Comfort Zone Can Kill Intimacy

Many spouses expect their partner to remain the person they were on their wedding day. However, that’s a recipe for disappointment. People change, mature, and outgrow previously held principles. They eventually become ready for new experiences, desire more depth in relationships, and stop taking things for granted.

Remaining where everything is predictable and familiar has its perks but strains intimacy. For example, walk by each other without ever touching. Or leave the house without kissing goodbye too many days in a row. You’ll feel the impact on your relationship, and some of the tenderness can be hard to replace.

Stepping outside your comfort zone doesn’t mean you’re changing the fundamentals of your marriage. It doesn’t involve giving up, giving in, or getting duped. Think of it as an opportunity to build creativity, re-focus on your marriage, achieve goals, experience bliss, and learn more about each other. It’s like dating all over again but without the awkward first kiss.

A marriage growing through consensual experimentation leads to more profound love and lasting compassion. Without it, you can miss the sense of genuine connection and consideration from your spouse. Keep intimacy from getting killed by leaving sweet notes, buying just-because gifts, and talking openly about your sexual fantasies. Then, do it a little more.

Quick Tips

Each spouse will show love in a unique way, so learn one another’s love languages to catch all the cues. Get in tune, use encouraging body language, and introduce new ideas with a smile. Then use these quick and simple tips to enhance your approach:

  • Slow down when attempting unpracticed activities for the first time.
  • Penetrate each other with your love first through foreplay.
  • Check out your options and opportunities before dismissing ideas.
  • Be present in the moment and give your full attention.
  • Read books and find other resources for healthy sex in marriage.
  • Create an affordable budget for date night and sexual experimentation.
  • Talk to your spouse about fantasies, boundaries, fears, and expectations.
  • Keep your activities authentic to your family and spiritual values.
  • Record ideas, experiences, and progress to develop a tailored sex life.
  • Match activities to who you are as a couple right now, not yesterday or tomorrow.
  • Listen to Christian marriage podcasts for real-world perspectives.

Break out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary by stepping away from the familiar and toward the unknown. Your comfort zone is cozy, but it could be putting your marriage at risk.

5 Unusual (But Easy) Ways to Break Out of Your Bedroom Comfort Zone

It makes no sense to exit your comfort zone using familiar and predictable techniques. Those methodologies might be temporarily effective, but they could lead right back to old habits. The bridge between your comfort zone and personal growth is love unobstructed. Tired expectations produce obstacles that your thirsty libido can’t always navigate around.

Need some fresh tips to get the fires blazing? Check out these five unusual (but easy) strategies to bust out of your bedroom boredom and stay away from your comfort zone:

#1. Get Cookin’, Good Lookin’
Start with the small things to encourage bravery with bigger tasks. For example, change up your dinner routine. Instead of zapping a meal, cooking along, or going to the same old restaurants, try making something together. You can also combine unusual ingredients, conduct taste tests, feed each other, and play flirty games to set the mood.

IDEA: Turn it into a scheduled date night where you experiment with different recipes and entertain each other through thoughtful play. Take pictures and save clippings for a cute date night scrapbook. Then serve edible underwear for dessert.

#2. Be Sensitive, Not Sensible
You can get stuck in a dull routine because that’s where things are the least challenging. But where is the fun in that? Marriage is about being sensible, but sex is about being sensitive. Trying new things together is the best way to combine those two concepts for the most intimate results. For example, explore your senses together through massaging with oils, playing mood music, lighting scented candles, and using textured condoms.

IDEA: Set the scene for a slow and easy night but grab accessories for experimentation. You can use blindfolds, wrist and ankle restraints, nipple clamps, or other performance enhancements. Do what it takes to invite the desire for more of each other.

#3. Sharing Is Caring
Break out of your comfort zone by discussing your fantasies and sharing dirty little secrets. Ask one another which suggestions are most feasible, then pick one to try. You can also write down your thoughts and show them to get ideas without feeling silly. Then dare each other to act out an aspect of the other spouse’s desire one sensual detail at a time.

IDEA: Create a notebook trading system. Jot down flirty thoughts and sexual suggestions as you think of them. Then allow your spouse to read what you write and vice versa. Use the system to record reminders and leave romantic notes throughout the day.

#4. Work Out the Kinks  
Take your everyday activities to the next level, integrating intimacy without stepping too far outside your comfort zone. For example, turn your workout into a sexy dance or role-playing session. Or take showers together at the end of a rigorous routine. Exercise gets your blood flowing and endorphins racing, so being flirty while getting fit can be extremely hot.

IDEA: Use Liberator sex furniture to protect sore muscles and hoist your body during intercourse. Find one with multiple shape options or sex toy holsters to encourage hands-free play. You can also attempt new positions if you use a sex swing or harness.

#5. Tour What’s More
Take a cruise away from your normal route to see something different and get inspired. Use it as an opportunity to plan a sexy surprise for your spouse. Take a different path going to a familiar spot, or go all out with a new location. Dress up for each other and commit to stepping out of the box. You can also wear lingerie or body jewelry under your clothes for a suggestive dinner date with your betrothed.

IDEA: Meet your spouse somewhere and then drive separately to an agreed-upon venue. Role-play while visiting by pretending to first meet again. Re-do introductions to say what you would have said back then.


The marriage comfort zone can be a risky place for happily married spouses. It breeds familiarity, security, and confidence but can destroy intimacy and hinder personal development. Do more than get old together. Experiment outside your bedroom comfort zone to discover everything about each other.

Not sure where to begin or how to identify your comfort zone and leave it? Listen to Christian marriage podcasts, read books on marriage, attend relationship seminars, and speak openly about your desires.


christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

Romantic Blessings believes all married couples should enjoy intimacy the way they see fit. But learning new facts and techniques can be a challenge because sex is still taboo. So, check out our library of Christian-based resources to help you improve your love life and glorify God through a happy marriage. 

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