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The Bible is very clear that sex is to only be between one married man and his wife. Sex outside of marriage, with multiple partners or sharing your sex and sex life with others is a sin in God’s eyes. Sex between you and your spouse and your body are meant only for your spouse. While the “fear of getting caught” can be fun and exciting, actually being caught would be going against the Bible by sharing your body and your marriage sex outside of your marriage.

Romantic Blessings encourages adventurous and playful sex within marriage and with the focus on your spouse and God. The Bible encourages married couples to fully enjoy and explore sex with their spouse. We encourage role play, games, and any discussed and agreed sex adventure between spouses as long as all activities stay within the design and commands of God. Outdoor sex can be great within a marriage and still be within God’s design for marriage – as long as no sexual activity is shared with or viewed by others.

Top 5 Places for Outdoor Fun with Your Spouse

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Warmer weather is here, and you know what that means. It’s time to have fun with your spouse outside. Get out there and enjoy God’s bounty while rubbing on your spouse’s booty. Make love under the stars or create a secret spot for a natural rendezvous. This guide will show you how to do it step-by-step.

Studies on intimacy in marriage disclose multiple health benefits of outside sex. We’ll explore each one to determine whether this is something that makes sense for your relationship. Then we’ll discuss the things you should never forget.

Don’t miss the top five countdown at the end, where we reveal the best places to fool around outdoors and provide a list of supplies to help you make it amazing. Let’s get it on.

What’s the Big Deal About Outdoor Sex?

According to psychologists, more than half of married couples who enjoy sex outside report being happier in their relationships. Meanwhile, about 69% of those couples admit to wanting sex in places other than the bedroom. Making love in exciting and risky locations can increase pleasure by heightening your senses and causing arousal.

Furthermore, many married couples say adventurous foreplay and intercourse make them feel closer to their partner. The shared experience and thrill also generate unforgettable memories you can replay or recreate throughout the years. There are several other benefits of having sex out in nature, so let’s explore those next.

The Benefits of Mixing Intimacy with Nature

Having sex outside while in a committed relationship is helpful from multiple angles. Outdoor sex provides couples with a low-stress environment to explore fantasies and maximize pleasure. It’s also a great way to find time for fun when you’re on the run.

Mixing intimacy in marriage with a love of nature can be thrilling, and a little time outside is good for your health. Sex is already a healthy, drug-free mood-booster, but so is enjoying the great outdoors. Combine the two for an instant intimacy enhancement that’s sure to please. Then explore these other exciting benefits along the way:

#1. Adventurous Sex Increases Orgasm Potency
Feeling like you’re going to get caught having sex can increase your heart rate. And boosted blood flow helps body parts function at optimal levels, allowing you to feel more sensations and enjoy lengthy lovemaking sessions. In other words, getting excited can elevate your pulse and cause a positive domino effect in your body.

#2. Intense Orgasms Are Holistically Advantageous
Experiencing a satisfying orgasm is essential in marriage, but it’s also crucial for good health. According to doctors, orgasms can help you sleep better, metabolize food, become more fertile, relieve pain, and lower your cholesterol. Also, having spontaneous sex with your partner builds trust, and fosters desire when you’re not together.

#3. Better Sex in Marriage Means Longer Love
As with all things in God’s kingdom, there is a cause and effect. For example, sex causes closeness in marriage. Good sex causes spouses to enjoy each other’s company. Happy couples stay together longer, and long-lasting love is God’s design. Mix intimacy with nature to glorify your relationship and establish a whimsical atmosphere.

How to Have Sex Outdoors: A Step-By-Step Guide

Learning when and how to have sex outside is critical, but some couples might be concerned about the practicalities. Why would anyone want to make love outside the house? Isn’t having sex in public illegal? And why does it matter whether we do it at home or in the yard? The answers to those questions might surprise you.

Married couples enjoy making love in the great outdoors for multiple reasons, and some of those reasons have nothing to do with health. The thrill of possibly being discovered in the throes of passion can be sensational, especially for spouses experiencing a lull. Meanwhile, there are many ways to enjoy outdoor lovemaking without breaking the law (or getting caught).

Here is how to take your love life outside and enjoy every minute of it privately:

Step One: Understand the Risks of Each Location
Get to know the layout of the place you’re traveling to, looking for private nooks and cozy hideaways to steal a few moments with your spouse. Find out about security measures, visitor populations, and local laws. Some places might be riskier than others to have sex outside, so use due diligence.

This could seem like it removes much of spontaneity, but scouting locations helps you determine practical ideas to create a flexible itinerary. This step also allows you to avoid specific risks or threats that you might encounter in different spots (hard surfaces, onlookers, etc.). Before going, talk to your spouse about their concerns.

Step Two: Plan and Gather Your Supplies
The best laid plans start with open and honest communication with your spouse. Share fantasies, discuss boundaries, and talk expectations before going outside. This step should also include gathering the appropriate supplies for outdoor play and deciding on the location you want to visit.

Then grab something to cover yourselves with, just in case, and don’t forget to pack aftercare products like wet wipes, drinks, and snacks. Bring a few sex toys if you can and stash some high-quality lubricant in the bag to help with impromptu quickies. Finally, tailor your tote to the specific environment you’ll be in.

Step Three: Be Prepared to Stop Quickly
Getting out of the way and into safety is essential when having sex outside. Even if you’re only camping the backyard, sudden winds or heavy rain could dampen your plans. Always determine a plan B to accommodate weather changes and other unexpected events.

Don’t want to stop for anything? Use discreet sex toys for couples to keep the fires burning despite the distractions. This can include vibrating underwear, Ben Wa balls, penis lassos, mini prostate massagers, and more. Discuss the possibilities with your spouse to ensure alignment.

Outdoor Sex Tips You Can Both Use: The Dos and Don’ts

The dos and don’ts of outdoor sex can be tricky to understand because there are several grey areas. Only you and your spouse can determine what is appropriate and acceptable. Follow the local laws, be smart, and communicate with each other. In the meantime, here are some other outdoor sex tips you should know:


  • Venture off the beaten path to discover new private areas.
  • Consider clean water areas like swimming pools, hot tubs & outdoor showers.
  • Be prepared for the petty annoyances that come with being out in nature.


  • Use lights brighter than candles because they could draw unwanted attention.
  • Get frisky in unclean water like lakes, streams, and ponds.
  • Go anywhere new with your spouse without the appropriate supplies.

With all this new knowledge and advice, where are you going to go? We might have some ideas. Let’s explore five excellent locations for outdoor sex in a creative countdown.

Countdown to Our Top 5 Locations.

Check out this list of the best places for outside sex with your spouse. Number five is the least convenient spot but stick around for our number one recommendation. It’s guaranteed to rock your boat.

LOCATION #5 – Your Car
When the car is rocking, don’t come knocking. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Getting intimate in your car can bring back old memories of the first days of marriage. It’s also just exciting enough to satisfy fantasies without being too risky. If you want to take it to the next level, use something to cover the windows and park in a secluded area for the best results.

Supplies Needed: Choose rechargeable vibrators and small items that don’t take up space.

Special Considerations: Car sex can be incredible uncomfortable so fold down the seats as much as possible. 

LOCATION #4 – A Tent or Camper
Having sex while camping is in tents (intense). You might have to be quiet because of the thin walls, but secrecy adds an extra layer to the kink. Tent sex is also more spacious than having sex in a vehicle, and you can spruce up the inside with creature comforts also.

Supplies Needed: Pack stuff that you can quickly dispose of after using, like edible underwear, massage oils, and wet wipes.

Special Considerations: Watch out for wild animals and poisonous plants.

LOCATION #3 – The Balcony
Book a hotel room or air bnb for comfort and privacy, then get intimate on the balcony or deck and enjoy each other in the great outdoors. And depending on your comfort level or privacy level take it to the next level or just move a few feet inside and finish there. 

Supplies Needed: Decorate the patio with large plants and use sex furniture to create visual blocks.

Special Considerations:
Check that your spouse isn’t afraid of heights before trying this location.

LOCATION #2 – The Shed
That shed in your backyard is good for more than storing garden supplies. Take advantage of the secluded space and use boxes, tools, or equipment to help steady your bodies. You can also arrange a tiny area for laying down or trying new positions. It’s your property; make the most of it.

Supplies Needed: Bring lighting and towels or blankets to protect yourselves from hazards.

Special Considerations:
Sheds can be drafty, and you might need extra supplies to stay comfortable.

LOCATION #1 – A Boat
Making love outside on a boat is one of the best ways to enhance the motion in your ocean. Natural movements from the water help create a new rhythm that can increase pleasure and excitement. Do it on the upper deck to feel each other while the sun shines on your bodies. Remember to find a private cove to anchor in, if you plan to go all the way or sneak down into the cabin and get cozy.

Supplies Needed: Boat sex lets you be creative, so pack your favorite sex toys for the trip.

Special Considerations:
Watch out for water sickness and bring plenty of snacks to help.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Sex Locations

Picking places to have sex with your spouse outdoors can be tricky. You must consider multiple factors before planning the date. Discuss the pros and cons with your partner and explore the potential risks of each location. Then determine an itinerary, including your timing and possible plan Bs.

Make sure you don’t break any indecent exposure laws in the meantime. Check local regulations for each proposed location, then improvise according to your comfort level. Communicate openly and be honest to ensure both partners feel safe enough to participate.

Make Love to Your Spouse Outside the House

Sex is supposed to be fun and exciting, not boring and mundane. Take things to another level by making love outside. Turn it into a game if you enjoy the experience. Start at one location and move to the next until each one is marked off your list. Then listen to marriage podcasts for more thrilling ideas.


christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

Romantic Blessings believes all married couples should enjoy intimacy the way they see fit. But learning new facts and techniques can be a challenge because sex is still taboo. So, check out our library of Christian-based resources to help you improve your love life and glorify God through a happy marriage. 

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