Liberator Sex Furniture Top 10 Countdown 

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Liberator Sex Furniture Top 10 Countdown 

christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

Liberator sex furniture may be your saving grace in the bedroom. That’s because nearly 60% of sexually active couples say they’ve sustained an injury while lovemaking. Meanwhile, most people don’t want to admit the causes of their booboos in emergency rooms. So, the numbers are most likely much higher than that. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by pleasure in the throes of passion. And trying to maintain the perfect position can be exhausting. So, what accidents can happen during sex, and what can you do to prevent them? The answers may be more “liberating” than you think. 

Common Sex-Related Injuries 

Love hurts, but sex isn’t supposed to. Making love to your spouse should be sensational, comfortable, and safe. It ought to culminate in simultaneous or equally satisfying orgasms, not ER visits and medical bills. And even if you like it rough or walk on the wild side, that’s no reason to harm yourself or others.  

Sex-related injuries depend on what you do and how you do it. So, avoid the trappings of uncontrollable desire with products, practice, and proper body support. You’ll enjoy longer-lasting and more gratifying intimacy while steering clear of these four things: 

  • Tissue Tearing 
  • Pulled Muscles 
  • Carpet Burn 
  • Penile Sprains 

Even slow, gentle lovemaking can cause injuries if you’re not careful. Vaginal and anal tissue tears are common among couples who use too little lube or try tricky sex positions. And pulled muscles are some of the most frequent complaints in doctor’s offices despite the cause. 

Thrusting away on the floor with inadequate support also damages your joints and puts the penis at risk. Moreover, a superficial carpet burn can be painful and lead to an infection. Different poses leave your bodies susceptible to known and unknown environmental hazards. So, use sex furniture as a positioning aid or suffer the painful consequences. 

christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

How to Avoid Injuries During Sex 

Getting hurt during sex sucks. It can stop you in your tracks and make you dislike things that would be otherwise pleasurable. Preventing pain while making love to your spouse can spell the difference between climax and criticism. That’s why it’s crucial to avoid injuries during sex using creative methods and intelligent tools.

Inexperienced spouses roll up blankets and shove couch pillows behind their backs. They create makeshift handles, homemade sex toys, and DIY mounts, then wonder why somebody gets hurt. But your love life deserves more than clumsy improvisation. So, consider these clever options instead: 

  • Sex Swings - Suspend yourself or your spouse to enjoy 360-degree stimulation and gravity-free pleasure. This choice requires additional equipment and semi-permanent installation. 
  • Body Slings - Pose and secure a body on the bed or floor without relying on muscle or joint strength. This alternative can be complicated to manage with multiple straps and attachments. 
  • Intimacy Pillows - Tailor each session by lifting the hips and arching the back in succession with every thrust. This option is easy to clean, maintain, hide, and customize. 

Sex swings are typically for more advanced couples who don’t mind having massive pleasure products hanging from the ceiling. And body slings are great for spouses who enjoy roleplaying or experimentation. However, Liberator sex furniture offers support in several ways. For example, it’s the only option to provide discretion and spontaneity while still being comfortable and affordable.

DID YOU KNOW: Unlike swings and slings, you can combine several sex pillows to create a pile that suits your body type and sexual preferences. 

What Is Liberator Sex Furniture? 

Many brands may try to replicate the design. But Romantic Blessings keeps an extensive Liberator collection because we recognize quality and convenience. So, what is the brand all about, and why should you care? This is everything you need to know. 

Liberator® brand sex furniture sets the standard for personal positioning accessories. They call their products “bedroom adventure gear,” and the description couldn’t be more accurate. Their cushiony pillows and foldable wedges make adventurous lovemaking safe and easy. And the album offers a wide range of distinct designs with outstanding quality. 

Often hailed as “the greatest invention since the bed,” this stuff helps spouses elevate their orgasms from multiple angles. Product designs focus on comfort, durability, and stability despite the user’s size, shape, age, or physical condition. That’s because the company believes everybody should get a chance to fulfill their sexual fantasies. 

Each piece aims to redefine intimacy while positively impacting the planet. So, the brand creates every pillow and wedge from sustainable materials. Plus, they recently reduced packaging sizes by 75% to decrease their carbon footprint. And with award-winning vacuum compression technology, their furniture outlasts the test of time to avoid the landfill for even longer. 

FUN FACT: Liberator is an American-made company with a massive manufacturing facility in Atlanta, Georgia. 

How to Pick Your Favorite Position with Liberator Products

Choosing the best sex position isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it’s possible. The reason is that there are more than 50 different poses you can try tonight. However, we don’t suggest attempting anything new until you follow these three simple steps: 

christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

Step 1: Talk to Your Spouse
Ask your partner what they prefer, then try to align your fantasies with theirs. You can set standards, communicate desires, and create playful scenarios using an open mind and sensible equipment. Moreover, this gives you a chance to gather intel for a sexy surprise later.

TIP: Respect your lover’s boundaries and don’t push them to do something they hate.

Step 2: Try New Poses (Slowly)
You don’t have to rush things to experience bliss. So, take it slow and enjoy the ride instead. Your spouse can lead the adventure or give you the reins. Either way, try new things together and don’t be afraid to bust the mold.

TIP: Take courses on sex and marriage to discover innovative ways to please your beloved.

Step 3: Know Your Limitations
Sex accessories can help enhance your love life without special skills. But that doesn’t mean you can suddenly act like an acrobat in bed. Understand how your body behaves and reacts. Then remember that your brain floods the bloodstream with chemicals that increase your pain tolerance.

TIP: Attempt one or two new positions at a time and track your body’s reaction to it the next day.

Step 4: Check Out the Selection
A challenge seems more manageable when you know what’s available to help. So, review the Liberator brand lineup to determine which product suits you. Consider using several products to create a customized layout. Or keep it simple with a versatile wedge that folds into different shapes.

TIP: You can attach a few of your favorite sex toys to specific models.

Countdown to the Best Liberator Sex Furniture 

Have trouble deciding on the best sex furniture from Liberator? Count yourself among the millions who experience the same thing. This brand’s products are so well made that many people immediately become fans. Plus, every pillow and wedge they sell comes with a quality guarantee. 

Enjoy risk-free sex when you choose one of the pieces from this top 10 countdown: 

christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

#10. The Jaz Motion Couple’s Sex Wedge

The Liberator Jaz Motion Couple’s Sex Wedge rocks back and forth to give you realistic sensations with every thrust. It’s perfect for discreet traveling and is compatible with other products from the brand’s collection.

PRO: You can flip it over to reveal a second positioning option with a sturdier base.

CON: The pillow doesn’t elevate the hips high enough for some performances.

#9. The Arche Wedge 

Take your humble pleasures to new heights with the Arche Wedge by Liberator. It features an abstract design to help you and your spouse experiment in comfort. Plus, it offers a sharp angle to help reach the sweet spot every time. 

PRO: The innovative design makes it attractive enough to keep on display. 

CON: The steep pillow angle may be too much for some users. 

#8. The 27-Degree Pillow 

Liberator’s 27-Degree Pillow is a show-stopper. The subtle slope and firm wedge mean instant g-spot and p-spot precision. It features an orally-perfect angle, a machine washable cover, and plush materials for long-lasting sessions that will go down in humping history. 

PRO: Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to haul and hide.  

CON: The wedge length could be too short for specific body types. 

#7. The Heart Wedge Pillow 

Show more love with the Liberator Heart Wedge Pillow. It offers the rugged support your bodies need and the romantic flair you both desire. This angled wedge with a heart-shaped form and silky-soft material elevates so much more than just your pulse. 

PRO: This product makes a thoughtful and sexy gift because of its unique design. 

CON: It may be challenging to combine this pillow with other products in the collection. 

#6. The Tula Magic Wand Mount Wedge 

This multi-functional play pillow acts as a wildcard in your bedroom. Use it to lift the hips and achieve the perfect angle, or attach your favorite sex toy for a wild ride. The triangular shape of the Liberator Tula Magic Wand Wedge means ultimate exposure to all the best things in your bedroom. 

PRO: This product is compatible with most suction cup sex toys. 

CON: The rigid dimensions can make some positions harder to achieve. 

#5. The Ramp 

The Liberator Ramp is one of the brand’s most iconic designs. It offers an extended shape for larger body types and a dependable angle that most lovers require. Plus, you can quickly combine it with other wedges and pillows to create an even loftier experience.  

PRO: You can use this long-angled wedge to enjoy deeper penetration. 

CON: The big dimensions might make this product more challenging to carry and hide. 

#4. The Wedge-Ramp Combo 

Can’t make up your mind? Try the Liberator Wedge-Ramp Combo. It offers multiple formations to deliver tailored stimulation despite body types or fantasies. The duo also detaches to give you better control over the angles, depths, and speeds. So, why decide when you can have it all? 

PRO: You get virtually endless positioning options. 

CON: The dual design means you can’t haul or hide this product as quickly. 

#3. The Flip Ramp Multi-Wedge 

Sex first, safety second. Or is it the other way around? The Flip Ramp Multi-Wedge by Liberator will make you question your lovemaking logic. Its swooped shape sweeps you off the ground and situates your hips at the perfect angle. So, you never have to lay on the cold floor again. 

PRO: You can fold this product to half or double the height. 

CON: The centerfold can create a small weak spot in the wedge. 

#2. The BonBon Sex Toy Mounting Pillow 

Behold the Liberator BonBon - a Sex Toy Mounting Pillow with enough durability to handle all body types. Its conical design fits perfectly between the thighs for a comfortable session. And you can attach your favorite vibrator with the semi-universal mounting hole in the middle.  

PRO: You can use this product with or without a pleasure-enhancing attachment. 

CON: The mounting hole can become dirty with lubricant and body fluids. 

#1. The Esse Chaise Faux Leather Lounger 

The Esse Chaise by Liberator is a striking example of what happens when style and sex combine. The smooth faux leather finish and detachable headrest create a cozy nook for naughtiness. And the water-resistant design means stress-free celebrations and effortless maintenance.  

PRO: The contemporary style means it coordinates well with most home décor.

CON: This product could be too heavy for some users to move without help. 

Get Busy Getting Busy 

Romantic Blessings offers a variety of high-quality Liberator sex pillows, wedges, and chairs. So, check out our top ten favorites before you become an embarrassing statistic in the emergency room. Then listen to our podcast for more exciting news, opportunities, and ideas for pleasing your spouse. 


christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

Romantic Blessings believes all married couples should enjoy intimacy the way they see fit. But learning new facts and techniques can be a challenge because sex is still taboo. So, check out our library of Christian-based resources to help you improve your love life and glorify God through a happy marriage. 

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