Pray, Connect, Explore: Part Three

Understanding What It Means to Explore with Your Spouse

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Having fun in and out of the bedroom is essential in marriage. It allows you to explore each other's bodies, flex your sense of humor, and get to know one another better. Playfulness in the bedroom fosters intimacy and excitement – two things that can become challenging after many years together.

Even newlyweds can benefit from a little exploration. However, some modern couples can experience difficulties finding time for such endeavors. We'll discuss why giving this your best effort is essential and examine creative ways to make it happen. Then, we'll delve into intimate ideas to try with your spouse. Let's get it on.

The Beautiful Journey of Marital Exploration

Marital exploration encompasses many things, not just sex. It's about building a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual relationship with your spouse. You must step outside your comfort zone to experience the creativity, pleasure, and fun as a couple. Explore new dimensions while anchoring to a solid foundation.

Remember, exploring together is the essence of marriage. Remaining stagnant and unsatisfied can disguise the burning passions and true love you feel for one another. But you demonstrate trust, maintain a work-life balance, prioritize your partner, and keep the spark alive when you explore.

Show your spouse how much you care by finding time for intimacy, creativity, spontaneity, and fantasy fulfillment. Spend your special moments developing a mental, emotional, and spiritual bond, then solidify it with great sex. Your beautiful journey as two becoming one will never be the same.

Step One: Strengthen the Emotional Connection
Exploring with your spouse is a journey that strengthens your emotional connection. When you embark on adventures together, whether traveling to new places, trying new hobbies, or just going on spontaneous date nights, you create shared memories that bind you closer. These experiences deepen your understanding of each other and provide opportunities for open communication.

Step Two: Give and Receive Trust
Sexual exploration requires trust. When you venture into the unknown with your spouse, you demonstrate faith in their decision-making, ability to navigate challenges, and commitment to your shared journey. This trust forms a solid foundation for a healthy relationship.

Step Three: Make It Hot
You are not limited to discovering new places; it's also about reigniting the spark in your relationship. Trying new things, whether a new restaurant, a dance class, or even an adventurous vacation, can bring excitement back into your partnership and remind you of the initial honeymoon phase.

Tips for Finding Time to Explore with Your Spouse

We are all busy; you are not alone. But spouses can feel forgotten or neglected if they don't embrace life and make love to their partners often enough. How many times do you have sex with your spouse each week? Are you sure they're satisfied?

Prioritizing your relationship is essential when finding time to explore with your partner. Your busy lives and hectic schedules shouldn't hinder meaningful conversations, thoughtful prayer, and exceptional intimacy. Try to balance your work and personal life, and communicate your needs openly, honestly, and with the best intentions.

Just like every other relationship in your life, marriages deserve attention and care. Make a conscious effort to schedule shared experiences, set aside dedicated date nights, and spend weekends exploring sexually while maintaining an open mind. Start by identifying commitments and windows of opportunity for quality time, physical touch, and words of affirmation.

Exploring together doesn't always require extravagant plans and expensive budgets. You can make a significant impact with small gestures, thoughtful responses, and memorable moments. Go beyond the bedroom to attempt adventurous activities and give your hearts something new to talk about.

The Importance of Excitement in Marriage

Intimacy is crucial in marriage, but so is excitement. Married couples should not feel like besties, roommates, or relatives. You are connected in all ways to your spouse, so include sexual exploration to enjoy a multifaceted relationship that satisfies both people.

Excitement is the lifeblood of a thriving marriage. It infuses vitality, fostering connection and sustaining passion. In the routine of daily life, maintaining this spark is vital. Exploration keeps partners engaged, creating a sense of adventure and novelty. It staves off monotony and complacency, encouraging continuous growth within your marriage.

Fuel intimacy by making each moment together special. Couples prioritizing excitement and adventure tend to experience increased happiness and satisfaction in their relationships. Exploring together helps rekindle romance, allowing you and your spouse to weather challenges with resilience, love, and faith.

How to Explore in the Bedroom

Embracing new experiences, surprise gestures, and shared adventures reinvigorates the partnership. Excitement is the glue that keeps love vibrant and everlasting. So, let's "explore" some techniques for exploring sexuality with your spouse.

Start with Open and Honest Communication
Candid and sincere communication is the foundation of any successful exploration in the bedroom. Start by conversing with your spouse about desires, fantasies, and boundaries. Create a safe space to freely express your thoughts and feelings without judgment.

TIP: Read marriage books about intimacy or listen to Christian marriage podcasts for inspiration.

Set the Mood
Creating the right atmosphere is critical to a successful bedroom exploration. Who wants to make love in a chaotic environment? Because exploring requires trust, patience, and due diligence, having fun with your spouse in a safe space is essential. A comfortable and inviting setting can help you and your spouse relax and feel more at ease while trying new things.

TIP: Light candles, play music, and use massage oils to relax your spouse before foreplay or lovemaking.

Attempt Your Fantasies
Exploring in the bedroom allows couples to try new activities and sensations or experiment with different activities and fantasies. Discuss what you both want to explore, whether role-playing, attempting new positions, or introducing sex toys. Be open to each other's ideas and interests, then use appropriate tools, techniques, and accessories to stay safe.

TIP: Lean on sex furniture to avoid accidents or injuries while trying difficult positions.

Educate Yourselves
If you're both interested in exploring new techniques or activities, consider educating yourselves on the dos and don'ts. Read books, take marriage courses, or attend marriage workshops together. Learning as a couple can be a bonding experience and help you both feel more confident in your adventures. It's also a terrific opportunity to practice unfamiliar activities or gather inspiration for future fun.

TIP: Read sex toy reviews and discuss the pros and cons of each accessory or activity.

Be Playful
A sense of playfulness can add excitement to your bedroom adventures. Try incorporating sex games for couples or playful activities into your evening. This strategy can help reduce performance anxiety and alleviate the pressures of unfamiliar territory. Make the experience more enjoyable with a whimsical approach.

TIP: Combine games for married couples with other techniques to customize your experience.

Slow Down
Take your time when exploring with your spouse. Each attempt should feel like a smooth, slow slide to the finish line. Rushing through sexual activities can diminish the intimacy and connection you're trying to build. So, savor each moment, and focus on the journey rather than just the end goal.

TIP: Request verbal or physical feedback from your spouse to determine the appropriate response.

Focus on Foreplay
Foreplay is a crucial aspect of bedroom exploration. Spend time on sensual and intimate activities that build anticipation and desire. In some circumstances, a sensual massage could work. In others, you might need to be more intense. Remember that physical intimacy is not solely about intercourse but emotional connection and pleasure. Use foreplay as your chance to grow as a couple and discover new avenues.

TIP: Use high-quality sex toys for couples to prep your body and heighten sensations.

Don't Take Yourselves Too Seriously
Not every exploration may be a resounding success, and that's okay. Be patient with each other and yourselves. Mistakes or awkward moments can happen, but they can also lead to laughter and bonding. The trick is maintaining a sense of humor and not taking yourself too seriously. Let foreplay and sex with your spouse be a mental and emotional release, not a reason to develop insecurities.

TIP: Practice humility and forgiveness when sexually exploring with your partner.

Tools of the Trade: Best Sex Toys for Exploration in Marriage

Learning how to safely and confidently explore with your spouse is one thing. What about incorporating sex toys into your routine? How do you know which products to choose? Use the following guide for help:

Female Vibrators
Vibrators for women help stimulate internal nerve endings around the G-spot, leading to better orgasms and more satisfying sessions. You can pick items with textured shafts, multi-functional motors, or high-tech features for interacting long-distance with your spouse.

Prostate Massagers
P-spot massagers provide pro-level prostate milking for men. Playing with the prostate is a natural way to increase orgasm intensity, treat erectile dysfunction, and promote intimacy in marriage. Use top-notch products to avoid pain and customize sensations.

Clitoral Stimulators
Did you know some women cannot reach orgasm from penetration and internal stimulation? That's what clitoral stimulation devices are for. Use clit massagers to pinpoint sensitive nerve endings or combine them with vibrators and intercourse for a blended experience.

Penis Strokers
Stroking the penis with a machine allows partners to deliver intense pleasure without becoming fatigued. Play with penis strokers before or after sex to safely explore different speeds, positions, and modes. Then use penis lassos and penis enhancement products for an even better night.

Ball and Scrotum Toys
Toys for male scrotums and balls can help prolong erections, intensify orgasms, and improve the sexual experience. They're also perfect for pairing with other sex toys. Find the best-fit products, combine them with other devices, or wear them independently.

Nipple Play Products
Nipple and breast play toys help stimulate external nerve endings and can enhance your partner's appearance during sexual exploration. Wear glittery metal clasps, or choose comfortable plastic clamps to spice things up without going too far. Nipple clamps and breast stimulation devices are removable, temporary, and safe.

Costumes and Lingerie
Wear sexy lingerie and enticing costumes for your spouse. Coordinate the occasion with your outfit to set the mood and enjoy realistic role-playing. You can customize the scenario with tailored clothing focused on your best physical assets.

What's Next?
Discuss each sex toy option with your spouse, and submit your requests for the devices and techniques you want to try. Maintain an open mind when exploring, and create a list of your best and worst experiences. You can adjust and adapt as needed with honest feedback and practical insights.


Exploring in the bedroom with your spouse is an excellent way to breathe new life into your relationship. It fosters trust, whimsy, and relaxation while giving you something to experience as a couple. Have an open and honest conversation with your partner about expectations, fantasies, and boundaries. Then, choose a technique, gather your supplies, and have the time of your life.


christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

Romantic Blessings believes all married couples should enjoy intimacy the way they see fit. But learning new facts and techniques can be a challenge because sex is still taboo. So, check out our library of Christian-based resources to help you improve your love life and glorify God through a happy marriage. 

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