Pulse Sex Positioning Pillow & Toy Mount with Natural Rocking Sensation & Hands Free Play

$73.95 $95.00


    Ergonomically designed, the Pulse features soft lines that contour and move with the body to recreate the natural rocking sensation of sex. With a low height and narrow width, the Pulse is easily straddled in a cowgirl position. The Pulse Pillow allows you and your partner hands-free exploration of each other while your spouse enjoys the added stimulation of vibrators or dildos simultaneously by featuring two separate pockets - one to house small vibrators or bullets to achieve clitoral stimulation and another to tuck a dildo into. You can also turn the Shape over for a gently sloped lift for hips or your head to enjoy additional comfort and support with your partner.

    Color: Black, Blue, Purple, Red

    Fabric: Microfiber