Couples Goal Setting: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas to Keep the Flames Burning All Year

Small Tips for a BIG Impact

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Setting practical and exciting goals as a couple is essential. Otherwise, you end up living separate lives lacking genuine intimacy. You also have much less fun and can experience unsatisfying sex or worse. Couples who play together stay together, and we’ll prove it.  

The key is to align your ideals based on shared values and expectations. Then take an organized and committed approach to plan events, date nights, and other adventures. Couples goal-setting shouldn’t be stressful or difficult. However, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks to ensure it. 

This article will explain why setting goals is crucial in marriage. It will also introduce some simple techniques to help bring you and your spouse together under a common theme. Afterwards, we’ll examine ways to keep your flames burning despite the obstacles. Let’s get it on. 

What Is a Goal? 

Your goals are dreams with deadlines. They are vivid visions of the future you want with your spouse and family. Practical marriage goals are also formed through careful consideration of personal preferences and those of your partner.

Most goals are time-sensitive, whether short-term or long-term. Many are defined based on individual or group desires with a common thread. They are not the steps required for success, but the description of what success looks like. Resolving that you need or desire something is one thing. Setting goals to get it is another.

This is your marriage mission statement. You can plan things like:

  • I want to have a nice dinner together at least one night per week.
  • We want to make love during the day instead of always at bedtime.
  • Our schedules need to accommodate dates once a month.

State your purpose and remember your cause. The health and happiness of your marriage could depend on it.

Why Couples Goal-Setting Is Essential

How important is it for a married couple to have the same goals in life? The answer might surprise you. According to some experts, couples goal-setting forms the foundation of a long-lasting relationship. It also helps keep the marriage moving forward, allowing both people to feel satisfied regardless of the circumstances.

Sharing goals with your spouse is a bonding exercise that can shape your future and heal your past. Meanwhile, failing to set objectives together can have damaging consequences. The relationship could grow stale, your meaningful conversations could stop, and love-making might become dull.

Strategizing as a couple is like planning for the future in tiny increments. The end is where you are both together, in love, and happy. Goal-setting is also healthy for relationships because it can improve communication. Both individuals can express specific desires, allowing them to foster better understanding and compassion.

FACT: Goal-setting helps you stay focused on what you and your partner are doing instead of what you’re NOT doing.  

Benefits of Setting Goals with Your Spouse

Couples goal-setting provides similar benefits to setting goals independently. The advantages move outside the parameters of personal development and into a stronger union. Here are some other perks to consider:

  • Increased sense of direction in life and love
  • Improved self-confidence 
  • Enhanced ability to recognize needs 
  • Better progress tracking 
  • Fuel for motivation 
  • Heightened accountability 
  • More reasons to get excited

Setting goals and making plans with your spouse is an opportunity to collaborate on something you both enjoy. Choose family experiences, private excursions, and romantic getaways to keep things fresh. Find out if you and your spouse are on the same page with this Shared Goals Worksheet.

Tips for Setting Marriage Goals You Can Actually Keep

Does the thought of setting goals with your spouse make you nervous? Do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect or confused about how to start? Goal-setting as a couple is easier than you think. Check out these five tips for help.

Set SMART Goals 

SMART goals are used by executives to lead large teams in a single direction. However, they’re also valuable for couples wanting more intimacy in marriage. Let’s break it down: 

  • S: Specific – Define your goals in as much detail as possible. 
  • M: Measurable – Create a path that you can follow and track.
  • A: Achievable – Pay attention to crucial boundaries and expectations.
  • R: Relevant – Choose goals applicable to your marriage and desires.
  • T: Time-Sensitive – Pick a deadline, and then stick to it.

Using SMART goals helps people maintain motivation, gain confidence, and support one another. Use this step to invite open conversation and fantasy expression.  

Write Down Your Objectives

Next, jot down your shared goals so they become more than aspirations. Make your list visible and accessible to each spouse. This will help inspire commentary and allows edits or adjustments as needed. Try to create goals that are structured around your unique lifestyle. However, don’t be too rigid. Remain flexible to accommodate life’s ups and downs.

Lofty goals can be intimidating to consider, let alone achieve. You want to go from point A to point Z, but the path is jagged with multiple steps. You must divide the tasks into small portions based on the actions required for each. Here’s an example:

Break Down Your Goals Into Digestible Parts

GOAL: We want to plan a romantic getaway.

BREAKDOWN: Choose the location, then create a budget. Set up specific activities to enjoy during the vacation. Save for the event while gathering supplies. Make arrangements for your departure and return.

Your plans might be different, but the approach is the same. Use the SMART Goal technique to break things down even further. Or consult your partner for more information on their concerns.

Identify Potential Obstacles

Most plans don’t turn out the way we expected, and that’s because life is unpredictable. Your goals could get interrupted by various things, including job duties, family obligations, health problems, or otherwise. Let things flow, but never let go of your dreams. Do this by identifying possible issues and creating a backup plan for them.

Develop an Action Plan

With your goals set and your plan B made, start moving towards the finish line. Decide how you approach the situation with your spouse, and go for it. Pick who is responsible for what. Then begin taking action to turn your fantasies into realities. Ask questions, give feedback, and record the outcomes for later reference.

Couples Goal-Setting Tips and Tricks 

Deciding on which goals to pursue is tricky. There are so many exciting things to try in life that picking one can feel impossible. You must begin by communicating with your spouse. You’ll never know how they feel about specific suggestions unless you ask.

Discover what turns them on or off, and then develop a strategy to satisfy their desires. Also, follow the rules of engagement when goal-setting as a couple. This can help you avoid awkwardness, resentment, jealousy, and confusion. Here are some more tips to help get you started:

  • Practice communicating calmly. 
  • Get to know each other better.
  • Encourage personal aspirations. 
  • Battle issues, not each other. 
  • Remain open and honest always. 
  • Kiss and make up after disagreements. 
  • Focus on improving your sex life. 
  • Love one another unconditionally.
  • Make time for having fun. 

There’s nothing wrong with setting some ground rules before determining your goals as a married couple. It can help you prevent oversights and mishaps while improving your quality of life.

Couples Goal-Setting Ideas

You can plan anything as a married couple as long as it edifies your relationship with each other and God. Set goals that include your individual desires and fantasies together. This can involve everything from enjoying foreplay longer to trying new things. If you both agree, it’s game on.

Intimacy in marriage is challenging to maintain, even if you love each other dearly. Here are five ideas for inspiration and some tricks to help you achieve them:

#1. Learn More About Intimacy in Marriage
Start by getting familiar with what an intimate marriage means. Realize that it involves more than having great sex with your spouse. Genuine intimacy is about establishing and maintaining a solid connection. You must bond mentally and spiritually before physically. Yet, creating a bond can take time, effort, and practice.

TRICK: Read books, listen to Christian marriage podcasts, or attend online courses for couples.

#2. Experiment More Often in the Bedroom
Using sex toys in a Christian marriage can be the subject of controversy. However, there’s nothing wrong with providing exclusive, tailored pleasure to your spouse. Here are some tantalizing suggestions for your consideration:

  • Vibrators Stimulate hidden nerve endings for a sensational experience.
  • Nipple Clamps Enjoy external stimulation across multiple erogenous zones.
  • Clitoral Massagers Prep your body for long love-making sessions.
  • Prostate Devices Help your husband reach the pinnacle of pleasure.
  • Male Strokers Show your love despite physical limitations.
  • Penis RingsStay erect and fight premature ejaculation naturally.

Shop together for the best couple’s sex toys to make it an exciting date night. Then you can mark two goals off your calendar in one fell swoop.

TRICK: Purchase several pleasure devices and compatible accessories to develop a personalized routine.

#3. Play Dress Up Occasionally Here is a goal for your to-do list: become a visual motivation for your partner’s libido. Role-playing can provide significant advantages, even for an already healthy marriage. Try wearing sexy role-playing lingerie when the occasion allows it. Or use revealing costumes to set the scene and experience something truly unique. You can also use various scripts and props to make the session more playful.

TRICK: Mix items in your wardrobe with new clothing to maintain familiarity during experiments. 

#4. Embrace the Power of Touch 
Everyone has a love language, but yours might not match your spouse’s. Understanding each other is essential to expressing affection in a meaningful way. Speak your lover’s language fluently by running your hands all over their body while stimulating their mind. Give a sensual massage or offer reassuring physical contact throughout the day. Feel one another and communicate passion without saying a word. 

TRICK: Use massage oils, luxurious lotions, and skin-safe lubricants to help enhance your sex life.

#5. Offer Each Other More   
Being married to the same person forever doesn’t mean having sex in the same way for all eternity. This is your person, so don’t be afraid to push things to the limit. Offer your devoted spouse more by using tools to help whip your body into shape. Check out Ben Wa balls and clitoral pumps for women or penis pumps and enhancement devices for men.

TRICK: Enjoy showing off for your spouse by preparing for sex with safe and comfortable toys.

Planning Despite the Obstacles

Life happens, and it can ruin your best intentions. Constantly dealing with disappointment and broken promises can be counterproductive for your marriage. That’s why learning to plan for contingencies is crucial. In other words, always have a backup plan and discuss how you’ll feel if things don’t go according to the itinerary.

Showing compassion for your spouse’s emotions helps promote intimacy in marriage and makes disappointing news sting a bit less. Set goals as a couple, but always remember the primary purpose. The idea is to do something meaningful with each other, even if that’s cleaning up a mess after an unexpected event.

Don’t let missed opportunities and ruined plans negatively impact your relationship. Practice emotional intelligence to demonstrate compassion for your spouse and really mean it.


Couples goal-setting can help you establish and maintain a special bond with your spouse. It shields your marriage from monotony and ensures long-lasting passion. Choosing shared aspirations and achieving them together is one of the best ways to breathe life into your relationship.


christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

Romantic Blessings believes all married couples should enjoy intimacy the way they see fit. But learning new facts and techniques can be a challenge because sex is still taboo. So, check out our library of Christian-based resources to help you improve your love life and glorify God through a happy marriage. 

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