Intimacy Advice for Newlyweds

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Congratulations on finding the love of your life. The wedding is over; the honeymoon was fantastic, but now what? This is the part where you and your spouse develop an everlasting bond and enjoy intimacy together.

Staying in love through the ups and downs of life can be challenging. Many couples face unique obstacles that neither spouse can predict. So, how do you build intimacy and maintain a connection for life? This article will discuss 7 intimacy essentials for newlyweds that are able to create a lasting marriage filled with love. Let’s get to it.

Seven Intimacy Essentials for Newlyweds

Being married to your soulmate is thrilling, but everyday life isn’t always a party. It’s wonderful that you’re seeking marriage advice early to avoid complicated situations. Intimate advice for newlyweds can help keep your love alive and the fires of passion burning forever.

What makes a good marriage, and how do long-lasting couples thrive after years of being together? According to relationship experts, successful marriages depend on these seven essentials:

#1. Open and Honest Communication
Communication is the foundation of any relationship. It helps a person understand how their partner feels and what they want from the marriage. Openness and honesty are also crucial for couples who desire more intimacy with their spouse.

Communicate your fantasies, desires, limits, and concerns to stay on the same page. Practice active listening skills and be respectful when your spouse expresses thoughts or emotions. Use compassionate responses and consider their perspectives to build a connection. And pray together to keep your union under God’s loving umbrella.

TIP: Read marriage blogs together and then discuss what you think about the content.

#2. Quality Time
Quality time is one of the five love languages. It lets your spouse know that you’re dedicated to the relationship and enjoy their company with minimal distractions. This means you think about them and their needs despite the chaotic world.

Plan date nights with your spouse and set aside time each week to be alone together. Simple activities such as cooking, taking walks, doing devotionals, and leading Bible studies can give you both something to look forward to. The idea is to create opportunities for meaningful interactions and shared experiences.

TIP: Invest in fun marriage activity subscriptions for the effortless expression of your love.

#3. Constant Learning
You may know your spouse well, but people are always developing new skills, ideas, and perspectives. The best way to grow together as a married couple is to learn about each other’s interests and aspirations. Although they might change over time, you’ll be there to witness the transformation.

Be curious about your partner. Show genuine care and concern for their growth and happiness. Use kind words and gestures to encourage one another while pursuing individual passions or ambitions. This can help you nurture the relationship on a non-sexual level.

TIP: Subscribe to Christian marriage podcasts for practical insights for happily married couples.

#4. Empathy and Forgiveness
Marriage is the union of two imperfect people. That means all relationships have challenges. Being in love with your spouse isn’t always enough to demonstrate authenticity or empathy. Allow your partner to be themselves, even if you disagree.

Practice forgiveness and let go of grudges. Otherwise, you could build up resentment in your relationship and put your bond in danger. Intimacy requires you to accept the good with the bad without attacking the other person or playing the victim.

TIP: Pray for each other during challenging times to demonstrate your compassion.

#5. Emotional Support
Supporting each other’s emotional needs is critical for a successful marriage. Your spouse wants to feel safe coming to you with their problems and concerns. Emotional intelligence means being aware of your partner’s feelings and in control of your response to them.

Marriage intimacy calls for shared vulnerabilities without judgement or condemnation. Become each other’s confidants, providing support for your partner through unconditional love and encouragement.

TIP: Look for marriage guides and intimacy tutorials to understand how emotional intelligence works.

#6. Physical Pleasure
Marriages with satisfying sex last longer than marriages without it. However, intimacy encompasses more than sexual activity. It involves gentle touching, meaningful affection, and physical closeness to maintain a lasting bond.

Explore each other’s bodies and become acquainted with your spouse’s personal space. Be attentive to their needs, using physical touch to communicate what your words cannot. Make your spouse feel loved and desired regardless of how long you’ve been together.

TIP: Use sex toys, lingerie, and other pleasure products to enhance your bedroom experience.

#7. Fun and Excitement
Couples who play together stay together, so prioritize fun and laughter in your marriage. This can help strengthen your bond and bring joy into your household. Whether enjoying public activities or private excursions, always put your partner’s need for excitement first.

Plan occasions together. Play games and go on adventures. Bust out of your comfort zone with your most trusted friend and lover. Remember, a lasting marriage built with intimacy involves two people who actively inject surprise, romance, and spontaneity into the relationship.

TIP: Learn about different intimacy-building strategies to develop a tailored approach.


Remember, your marriage is unlike any other, and so is your spouse. Create intimate moments that make sense for your relationship. If you’re having a hard time connecting with your spouse in some way, seek help now rather than later. Continue growing as a couple and glorify God for lasting love.


christian intimacy products, sex furniture, massage kit for couples

Romantic Blessings believes all married couples should enjoy intimacy the way they see fit. But learning new facts and techniques can be a challenge because sex is still taboo. So, check out our library of Christian-based resources to help you improve your love life and glorify God through a happy marriage. 

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