Liberator Verona Leather Cat Eye Mask



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  • Indulge in Opulence: Verona Leather Eye Mask by Liberator Leather

    Elevate your senses and immerse yourself in a world of luxury with the Verona Leather Eye Mask by Liberator Leather. Handcrafted to perfection, this mask encapsulates the essence of mystery, allure, and timeless sensuality.

    Choose Your Shade of Seduction

    Offered in three distinguished shades— a rich claret, a deep mysterious black, and a sophisticated tan. Each hue is designed to reflect a unique persona, allowing you to choose the mood that best suits your innermost desires.

    A Timeless Piece for Every Enthusiast

    With its unisex design, the Verona Leather Eye Mask seamlessly fits and flatters every face, whether men or women. Its soft leather contours gently to your skin, ensuring comfort and an unadulterated touch of luxury.

    Unlock a World of Role Play

    Let your inhibitions melt away. As you don the Verona, you aren't just wearing a mask but adorning a gateway to your fantasies. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado of role-play or dipping your toes into this enticing world, this mask is your passport to a realm where every dream is just a heartbeat away.

    Step into the spotlight, lose yourself in the narrative and transform into the carefree, passionate being you've always desired to be.

    Experience Euphoria. Experience Verona. Luxury is not just a statement. With the Verona Leather Eye Mask, it's an experience waiting to be unveiled.

Bondage Role Play Warnings

  • Although Christian couples differ in their views on this, for many, being tied up or tying your spouse up or playing with impact/sensation toys can be very arousing. As long as non-extreme bondage role play, non-extreme impact role play, and non-extreme sensory role play is mutually agreed upon we see no reason in scripture or in sexual play within a marriage not to make it a part of a vibrant, intimate and fun Christian married sex life. And many Christian married couples find great enjoyment, intimacy and trust building in these types of activities. But we strongly recommend that both partners talk about this type of play together to agree on what is and is not acceptable for them. And we strongly urge both partners to learn about and understand the enjoyment and the risks associated with this type of sexual play.
  • Never engage in any form of restraint, bondage or rope play without having emergency bondage scissors immediately present and available.
  • Bondage is like a sport; the risk of injury is real. And just like with any physical activity, knowledge and good technique can help mitigate those risks.
  • We have attempted to list some of the risks below for your safety, but knowing all of the risks with this type of play is your responsibility.
    • AVOID any type of bondage across the front of the neck
    • AVOID ties on the upper arms
    • Don't Exceed your ability
    • Don't Play intoxicated or with impaired judgment
    • Don't Push beyond you or your spouses' experience and comfort levels
    • Don't Ignore warning signs of tingling/numbness/discomfort or requests to loosen/adjust/ remove a tie
    • Do Have safety shears within reach at all times
    • Do Educate yourself about nerve safety and anatomy
    • AVOID hardpoints you can’t fully inspect
    • ALWAYS consider what would happen if your bottom loses consciousness, the electricity goes out, and the building catches on fire
    • Don't Keep playing if your spouse reports light-headedness, seeing spots, or ringing ears, develops a cold sweat, or becomes incoherent
    • Don't Ever leave your spouse tied unsupervised
    • Do Check periodically for normal feeling and strength in your bottom’s extremities
    • Do Protect your spouse from external interference while playing and immediately after play

    Individual Product Packaging Note

    All shipping boxes arrive in plain, discreet packaging with no identifiable information, graphics, logos or company names.

    The statement below only applies to the individual manufacturer product packaging of the product INSIDE the discreet shipping package.

    You may receive some products (especially lingerie items) with non-Christian safe packaging that we hope you will discard as soon as possible once your product arrives.

    For more information on shipment and product packaging please visit the "Once An Order Has Shipped" section of our FAQ page.

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