Candle 3 N 1 Heart All Natural Edible Massage Oil Grape 4.7 Oz

$17.95 $21.95

  • Earthly Body Candle 3-in-1 Heart Edible Candle Grape is most popular skincare products are their 3-in-1 Massage Candles.They are unique, fun gifts and bonafide skin care rolled into one. These scented soy candles are 100% natural great-smelling, no-paraffin, no-petroleum, and clean-burning. What makes them different and fun is that they can be used for giving warm massages or can be used every day after a bath or shower as a body and skin moisturizer. These massage candles are formulated with quality cosmetic-grade ingredients. Many varieties of candles with flavored, lickable oil, proving just how pure these are. A candle and warm massage oil all in one! The sexy fun heart candle that is by the way great skincare. Drizzle this warm massage oil straight out of the tin and onto the skin! Burn the candle until it is liquid. Pour or spoon into your hand and apply as massage oil or moisturizing oil.