Y Style Adjustable Vinyl Coated Tweezer Nipple Clamps With Clitoral Clamp Silver



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  • Add a little spice to your bedroom with the Tweezers Nipple & Clitoral Clamps set. The clamps are adjustable, and the clitoral clamp chain detaches from the nipple clamp chain, so you can choose how much to take! The tweezer clamps are a popular style, lightweight and curved to fit your body.

    The Y-style nipple and clitoral clamps are the next must-have clamp product that every sexploring girl must have. They are sturdy, adjustable, and stunning in every way. The great thing is that you can detach the clitoral clamp, in case you are only in the mood for nipple play, or wear them as intended, at the same time.

    Connect her most sensitive areas together. These clamps have vinyl-coated ends, linked chain and a sliding ring to adjust the tightness (anywhere from just enough to hold them on all the way up to a really severe tit torturing pinch). They stay on, they are easy to use, they look good and they can be heavy, light or anywhere in between.

    With the cool chain along your torso and all your pleasure buttons clamped, be in for a wild, exhilarating ride.

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