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Who We Are

Romantic Blessings is a Christian based intimacy and sex toy store. We provide a safe, nudity-free environment where couples can foster intimacy through our products and resources. Our mission is for couples to grow together in their marriage and grow as a couple with God.

Here at Romantic Blessings we encourage the continual exploration of God’s gift to marriage by providing romantic aids and sex-positive resources‒ all in a nudity-free space.

“Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you.“ 1 Corinthians 7:5

Meet The Team

Husband and wife team, Blair and Teresa founded Romantic Blessings in 2019. Blair and Teresa reside in North Carolina with their twin daughters and have been married 25+ years. They stepped out of their comfort zone and took on Romantic Blessings as a second venture to their full-time jobs.

Like every married couple, Blair and Teresa face ups and downs in life and in their relationship. In the midst of a particularly challenging marriage trial, they sought Christian counseling and dug into podcasts and daily devotionals.

“We both learned amazing things about ourselves and our marriage that we both wished we had known before we were married. We learned how important prayer, communication, commitment – and yes sex – is to our marriage. And we learned how marriage positive, intimacy positive and sex positive God’s design is.”

Blair and Teresa felt there was a gap between the teachings on sex and intimacy and practical resources to fulfill the the things they had learned. They trusted the Holy Spirit, took a leap of faith, and Romantic Blessings was born. It is their hope and prayer that Romantic Blessings will bring honor to God and that each couple may know the deep love of God.

What We Offer

Our store has a diverse collection of products for men and women. You can shop for her, for him, sex furniture and position aids, lingerie and clothing, and fun date night items. In every section of our store you will find wholesome photos of each product without the nudity.

Romantic Blessings also offers Christian marriage resources for couples to explore, learn and grow together. Thanks to our partnerships you can find blogs and podcasts on marriage and intimacy, information on the Christian faith, and answers to hard questions about sex toys in marriage.

We pray that our products, services and partnerships will grow you together and closer to God.

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