Romantic Blessings was honored to be a guest on the Get Your Marriage On! Podcast

Thank You to Dan Purcell with for hosting Romantic Blessings on your Show!!! We Thoroughly Enjoyed Our Conversation and Time Together.

I had this view for a long time that sex toys were dirty, bad, and all about solo masturbation. I had this stigma that they were unsavory. But I’m learning they can be a great addition to you and your partner’s sexual experience. In the right context, they can add to the bonding and intimacy that makes sex fulfilling. Toys can also add novelty, which is really important for long-term relationships: they can make sex a whole lot of fun, make it feel new again, be exciting, and of course pleasurable as well!

This week on the Get Your Marriage On! podcast, we had the pleasure to speak with Teresa and Blair, the owners of the website Romantic Blessings, and they were gracious enough to have a frank conversation with me about vibrators and sex toys.

I hope this episode gives you some helpful info — whether you’re new to toys or very experienced, I think the information shared can help. With Christmas coming up, perhaps you’ll want to try some new things after listening!

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Talk to you soon! -Dan & Emily Purcell

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