How to Honor Your Christian Husband on Father’s Day

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How to Honor Your Christian Husband on Father’s Day

Your Christian husband might not be your father, but he is the father of your children and deserves to be treated the same. Fathers do so much for their families but often don’t receive the appreciation they deserve. You can change that this Father’s Day by honoring your Christian husband in simple ways. Many fathers just want to feel appreciated and here are easy ways you can do it. 

Use A Positive Tone When Talking To Your Husband Or About Him

In the same way husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. Ephesians 5:28 ESV

Think about how you talk to your Christian husband regularly. Do you always roll your eyes with everything he says or never listen to any of his thoughts about anything? You might not even realize you’re hurting your husband with your words or actions, so take some time this Father’s Day to ask him if he feels appreciated. You never want any frustrations to build up in your marriage and constant communication is a great way to ensure it doesn’t happen.

Give Thanks To Your Husband For Everything He Does

Being a husband can sometimes feel like a thankless job, but you can turn that around by appreciating the little things he does. When a Christian marriage is built around thanking each other, it leads to a stronger marriage overall. You can thank your husband for being a great dad and point out the reasons why you’re saying that. Or take notice of some of the little things he does around the house and show your appreciation to him.

Never Criticize Your Husband To Others

It’s easy to talk negatively about your husband to others, but think about how hurtful it can be to him if he hears it. Your Christian husband does a lot for your family and doesn’t deserve to be talked about negatively in front of friends or family members. If you have a hard time talking positively about your husband, spend some time with God to see how you can change your tone and words.

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