How to Shop for a Sex Toy

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How to Shop for a Sex Toy

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Shopping for a sex toy is a lot like choosing a career – you get a plethora of options, tons of new opportunities, and (sometimes) more disappointment than you bargained for. But picking out the perfect pleasure product doesn’t have to be a pain in the you-know-what when you understand how to shop for one.

Today’s global sex toy industry is worth an estimated $26 billion. That’s an average of $150 spent every single day just on orgasms. Those profits then pay for new innovations, which in turn increases the number of choices you and I have. However, that influx also unleashes more possibilities.

You see, new inventions may complicate the buying process, but variety is the spice of life. Trial and error are expensive though, so let’s cut to the chase and find exactly what you’re looking for.

What Is a Sex Toy?

You can’t shop for something if you don’t know what it is. Sometimes called a “marital aid,” a sex toy is officially defined as:

“a device used for the facilitation of human sexual pleasure”

If the definition seems uncomfortably broad to you, that’s because it is. Summary: Your common household items don’t count, but most synthetic products do. The good news is that modern-day sex toys don’t always have to look or feel like real human genitalia to get the job done.

In fact, some of the most popular pleasure products on the market are designed with decency and discretion in mind. The key is to learn how to tell them apart like a pro. So, bring that spirit of discernment because you’ll need it for what’s next.

The 7 Steps to Foolproof Sex Toy Shopping

You do not have to be a sex toy expert to shop like one. Just follow these seven easy steps instead.

STEP ONE: Explore the Different Types

Did you know that dildos and vibrators only account for a small percentage of the total sex toy market? There are so many more options, and these are just a few of them for starters:

Usually, products such as performance poles, massaging oils, and positioning furniture are purchased alongside the toys described above. Those items are not, however, considered “sex toys” per say.

STEP TWO: Consider Your Desires

You buy sex toys because you want to feel good, so make sure you’re successful at that by understanding your own desires. Be honest with yourself. Think about what your ideal evening would look like and then find devices that can help you recreate the vision.

STEP THREE: Communicate with Your Partner

It’s important to speak with your spouse before buying a new sex toy. You don’t necessarily have to ruin the surprise, but at least have a conversation about wishes and expectations ahead of time. Find out what makes your partner tick and then go from there.

STEP FOUR: Look at the Dimensions

Size matters. So, the length, girth, and weight of any sex toy will determine how much pleasure you and/or your spouse derive from it. Think of these three factors for a clearer picture of what to buy:

  • Your experience with that particular type of toy.
  • Your threshold for discomfort and pain.
  • Your ideal scenario.
  • Keep in mind that you should start small with new devices and techniques. Also, go slow and respect the initial learning curve.

    STEP FIVE: Consider the Features

    Your favorite toy’s features dictate what can and can’t be done with that device. It’s okay to let your imagination run wild; just make sure to buy a toy that can keep up with you. Become familiar with the most common features so you can navigate the ever-expanding marketplace.

    STEP SIX: Know What to Seek

    Rule number one: Look for high-end features but don’t let the price tag fool you. Seek skin-safe materials first and foremost, then concentrate on things like ergonomics and battery life next. Smart buys have user-friendly interfaces, come with clear instructions, and are typically accompanied by informative, transparent marketing.

    STEP SEVEN: Know What to Avoid

    Try to avoid pleasure products containing parabens, phthalates, and/or latex, especially if you have a known allergy or sensitive skin. Also, stay away from toys that are too extreme because using them frequently could cause acute desensitization.

    NOTE: Never buy a sex toy that’s packaged poorly, and avoid devices that are dirty, damaged, or lacking contact information.

    Special Considerations When Sex Toy Shopping

    It’s important not to miss these 5 crucial details in all the excitement of shopping for your next new sex toy:

    1. Your budget must be flexible enough to account for sold-separately items such as feature upgrades, spare parts, replacement pieces, and compatible equipment.
    2. Make room for extras like personal lubricant, cleaning supplies, storage containers, and performance enhancement accessories.
    3. You may have to spring for a secondary device to enjoy interactive or long-distance fun with your spouse.
    4. Keep some spare batteries on deck just in case the ones included run out of power.
    5. There’s usually a limited warranty offered by either the merchant or the manufacturer, so be sure to register it within 30 days of your purchase date.

    TIP: Consult the manufacturer’s customer service for more specific information on the toys in your cart.

    The Takeaway

    Being the proud owner of an amazing sex toy gives you major bragging rights in the bedroom. So, don’t rush into this purchase without taking the proper precautions. Do your homework and buy with confidence instead.

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