Kissing Breakups Goodbye: Every relationship has the potential to last longer than we anticipate

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  • "This book presents practical, real-life stories that you can relate to. In some cases, it might shock you that positive change was even possible. You will find helpful hints that will challenge you to make intentional adjustments in your own lives. New hope will rise within you that it is possible to have long-term, satisfying relationships by 'kissing breakups goodbye.'"

    Dr. Randy Neilson and Jill Neilson, Canada

    "Harrison and Kathleen have walked the journey and overcome obstacles to build a beautiful and healthy marriage and family. No matter where you are in your marriage, Harrison (Dr. Mungal) shines a light on the root causes behind relationship breakdowns. From dating to the altar, to the conflicts that can tear two people apart, you'll discover effective, godly solutions that will empower you to have a marriage that lasts a lifetime."

    Alvin and Joy Slaughter, USA

    "Dr. Mungal has been a positive influence to us. His testimony has impacted our ministry, the church and family. The way he leads his family has been inspiring, and they are a good example to follow. Our hearts have been touched and encouraged."

    Heiller Ferreira and Isabela de Souza, Brazil

    "We cannot think of a couple more qualified to write this book than our dear friends Harrison and Kathleen. Knowledgeable and experienced in ministry, they have walked faithfully in what they seek to share with others. Kissing Breakups Goodbye are words of hope for this generation."

    Fred and Valarie Bennett, USA

    "Dr. Harrison and Kathleen Mungal are a tremendous couple, committed to the work they do. Their training methods and teachings about the family have aided many couples in restoring and renewing their relationships."

    Dr. Moises De Prada Esquivel and Carmen Alicia Morales, Cuba

    "Dr. Mungal and Kathleen have been a blessing to us and many families in Lempira, Honduras. They have a passion for supporting singles and couples with relationship issues. Many lives have been affected and changed in a positive way. They successfully communicate this concept of 'kissing breakups goodbye,' as it has been imprinted on the hearts of many."

    Hugo Jr. and Susan Elisol Medina, Honduras